Teaching Staff Of Mechanical Engineering Department:

Sr. No. Photo Name Designation Exp. Specialization Email id Profile
1 BDB Dr. B. D. Bachchhav Professor  & HOD 16 Years Mechanical-Production bdbachchhav@aissmscoe.com Profile
2 Mech_faculty_test_clip_image010 Dr. A. V. Waghmare Associate Professor 20 Years Heat Power avwaghmare@aissmscoe.com Profile
3 Dr. D. Y. Dhande Associate professor 17 Years Design dydhande@aissmscoe.com Profile
4 mrp Dr. M. R. Phate Associate Professor 14 Years Mechanical Engineering mrphate@aissmscoe.com Profile
5 Dr. P. S. Gajjal Associate Professor 16Years Mechanical Engineering psgajjal@aissmscoe.com   Profile
6 Dr. M. S. Deshmukh Associate Professor 21Years Mechanical Engineering msdeshmukh@aissmscoe.com   Profile
7 Mr. S. V. Chaitanya Assistant Professor 23 Years Mechanical-Production svchaitanya@aissmscoe.com   Profile
8 Mr. P. V. Amate Assistant Professor 34 Years Heat Power pvamate@aissmscoe.com   Profile
9 Mr. S. R. Patil Assistant Professor 22 Years Design srpatil@aissmscoe.com   Profile
10 Mr. P. V. Deshmukh Assistant Professor 22 Yrs BE (Mech.), ME (Mech. Design), MPM pvdeshmukh@aissmscoe.com Profile
11 Mr. C. S. Choudhari Assistant Professor 20 years Heat Power cschoudhari@aissmscoe.com   Profile
12 Mr. A. P. Desale Assistant Professor 21 Years Mechanical apdesale@aissmscoe.com Profile
13 Mr. R. A. Marne Assistant Professor 19 Yrs BE (Mech.), ME (Mech. Design) ramarne@aissmscoe.com Profile
14  Dr. C. S. Dharankar Assistant Professor 17 Years Design csdharankar@aissmscoe.com   Profile
15 Mr. S. J. Navale Assistant Professor 13 Years Heat Power sjnavale@aissmscoe.com   Profile
16 mug Mr. M. U. Gan Assistant Professor 15 Years Heat Power mugan@aissmscoe.com
17 Mr. P. S. Aglawe Assistant Professor 13 Years Design psaglawe@aissmscoe.com Profile
18 Mr. O. A. More Assistant Professor 11 Years Manufacturing oamore@aissmscoe.com   Profile
19 Mech_faculty_test_clip_image038 Mrs. A. T. Thombare Assistant Professor 9 years Automotive atthombare@aissmscoe.com   Profile
20 Mech_faculty_test_clip_image046 Mr. M. S. Swami Assistant professor 14 Years Automotive msswami@aissmscoe.com   Profile
21 Mr. G. P. Lohar Assistant Professor 18 Yrs ME (Thermal Engineering) gplohar@aissmscoe.com Profile
22 Mech_faculty_test_clip_image042 Mrs. M. P. Shah Assistant Professor 12 Years CAD/CAM mpshah@aissmscoe.com   Profile
23 dahake Mr. M. R. Dahake Assistant Professor 8 Years Thermal mrdahake@aissmscoe.com   Profile
24 Bauskar Mr. M. P. Bauskar Assistant Professor 13 Years Automotive mpbauskar@aissmscoe.com   Profile
25 Mr. K. L. Kumbhar Assistant Professor 8 Years 10 months Heat Power klkumbhar@aissmscoe.com Profile
26 vsw Mr. V. S. Wagare Assistant Professor 1 Year 6 months Design vswagare@aissmscoe.com   Profile
27 sv Mr. S. S. Vadgeri Assistant Professor 3 Years 3 months Design ssvadgeri@aissmscoe.com Profile
28 Mr. D. S. Mane Assistant Professor 4 Years 1 Month Production dsmane@aissmscoe.com Profile
Mrs. S. S. Patil Assistant Professor 3 Year Design sspatil@aissmscoe.com Profile
30   Mr. A. R. Takalkar Assistant Professor 1 Year 7 Months Manufacturing artakalkar@aissmscoe.com Profile
31   Mr. N. N. Gotkhindikar Assistant Professor 10 Years Metallurgical Engineering and Material Science nitk77@gmail.com Profile