Welfare Scheme

The objectives of the scheme are:

  1. To implement earn and learn scheme for economical support and value education to our students.
  2. To implement various programs such as disaster management, gender equality, nirbhay kanya abhiyan for awareness and training of our students.
  3. To aware and guide our students for applying to various scholarships.
  4. To encourage our students for social contribution.
  5. To try to resolve various issues raised by our students.

For fulfilling the first objectives, we select the needy and sincere students to work under the earn and learn scheme. The selected students work under the guidance of the Head of Departments of various Engineering branches. Some students work in various research projects, in Library, in making circuits or drawings etc. by which they earn some amount as honorarium as well as they learn new things.

We implement this scheme under the guidance of the Board of Students’ Development, Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU). Following is the data regarding this scheme and against which our College received around 90% grant out of the total expenditure every year from SPPU.

Sr. No. Academic Year Number of Participants Honorarium per Hour Total Expenditure
1 2015-16 23 Rs.30 Rs.57,660
2 2016-17 12 Rs.45 (February 2017) Rs.49,665
3 2017-18 42 Rs.45 Rs.1,64,880
4 2018-19 67 Rs.45 Rs.2,76,130
5 2019-20 31 Rs.45 Rs.1,78,560
6 2020-21 NIL Rs.45 No approval due to COVID19
7 2021-22 17 Rs.45 Rs. 1665
8 2022-23 42 Rs.45 Rs.12,330


This data and the student’s feedback clearly show that the scheme is really helpful for the needy and economically poor students. But due to COVID-19 pandemic the scheme was not functioning effectively during last two to three years.


Plans for academic year 2023-24:

  1. To apply for various schemes under BSD, SPPU.
  2. Try to involve more students in the schemes.
  3. To prepare rules for additional transparency in the earn and learn scheme in the College.
  4. To send proposal for increase in the honorarium of the students working in the earn and learn scheme.


  1. Special Coaching Scheme
    1. Students which are weak in some of the subjects are getting benefits
    2. Guest lectures from well known personalities
  2. Personality Developement Scheme
    1. To improve the communication skills and soft skills
    2. Group Discussion for leadership
    3. Managerial Abilities
    4. Concentration
  3. Book Bank Facility
  4. Student’s Counseling Cell
    1. Close interaction between students and mentor
    2. Guidance by mentor
    3. Aimed to achieve excellence in academic
Earn While Learn
Library work done by students

Student Scholarship

  • Promotion of External Scholarship schemes/strong>:

We invite various external funding agencies to introduce their respective scholarship programs, beneficial to our students.
Under this scheme we have invited Cummins India Pvt ltd to introduce their “ Cummins scholarship program” . A session on the same was held on 30th Sep 2014 at our college campus.

Some of the reference links of Scholarship:





Below given is a broad idea as to the banks which are charging lowest rate of interest in a particular category. Readers are advised to check the same by clicking on the link of relevant bank from where they intend to avail the loan and  also check the websites of the following banks to ensure that they get the best deals.


Note:- The above rates are floating rates, and are linked to base rate. Thus, these rates are liable to be changed by bank even during the tenor of the loan.

Name of Bank Rate of Interest Remarks
Central Bank of India 10.25% – 12.25%
United Bank of India 12.25% – 13.00%
IDBI Bank 10.25% – 13.75%
Bank of Maharashtra 11.50% – 12.75%
Bank of India 12.70% – 13.20%
Dena Bank 11.80%
Canara Bank 11.70% – 12.20% Concession of 0.50% will be extended to Girl students.
Allahabad Bank 11.70 – 13.25%
Union Bank of India 11.75% – 12.00%
Punjab National Bank 12.25% – 14.25%