Welcome to Workshop Department

This department conducts mechanical workshop practices such as Machining, Welding, Black Smithy, Plastic Injection Molding, Carpentry, Fitting, Pattern Making, Foundry, Tin Smithy etc for the students of various disciplines. All First Year Engineering students, SE students from Mechanical, Mechanical Sandwich, Production Sandwich, Electrical, Chemical Engineering and TE students from Mechanical Engineering perform the practicals in this Department.

In addition to academic work, workshop facilitate students to carryout various work related to model preparation, machine attachements, supporting devices for different technical and cultural events and project work etc.


Workshop Sections:

  •  Machine Shop & Lathe Section
  •  Carpentry Section
  •  Fitting Section
  •  Black Smithy & Foundry Section
  •  Plastic Molding Section
  •  Welding Section
  •  Tin Smithy Section
  •  Tools and Consumable Stores


Workshop Staff:

Name Designation
Mr Veejhay Dholle Workshop Superintendent
Mr Mandar Kelkar Assistant Workshop Superintendent
Mr Shantaram Kule Store Keeper
Mr Krishna Sutar Instructor – Carpentry
Mr Manoj Dongre Instructor – Welding
Mr Namdeo Walke Instructor – Fitting
Mr Vilas Hire Instructor – Blacksmithy
Mr Ganesh Kadam Instructor – Tin Smithy
Mr Sanjay M K Instructor – Turning
Mr Pradip Pawar Electrician
Mr Nathu  Adhav Attendant
Mr Rahul Khedekar Attendant
Machine Shop All Terrain Vehicle Fabrication