SN Name Awards and Recognition
1 Prof.(Dr.) A V Waghmare VC Nominee as a Member, Board of Studies, Mechanical Engineering, SPPU, Pune
Member of Engineering Education Board and Faculty Development Committee, SAE INDIA
2 Prof.(Dr.) B D Bachchhav VC Nominee as a Member, Board of Studies, Mechanical and Materials Technology, Dept. of Technology, SPPU, Pune


SN Name of organization Date of MOUs Period of validity
1 Seinumero Nirman Pvt. Ltd. Pune 07/07/2017 07/07/2020
2 Vishwadeep Enterprises, Pune 13/07/2017 13/07/2022
3 e-Addict Mobility solutions Pvt.Ltd.Pune 21/08/2017 21/08/2022
4 Engineering Cluster, Chinchwad 28/02/2018 28/02/2022
5 Suntech Landriani M/c tools Pvt. Ltd 08/08/2018 07/08/2021
6 Nemade Engineering Pvt Ltd 08/08/2018 07/08/2021
7 Indi-Tech valves Pvt. Ltd. Pune 31/08/2016 31/08/2018
8 Meher Techno Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Pune 16/09/2016 16/09/2019
9 Kakade Laser, Pune 06/09/2016 06/09/2019
10 Plazma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Pune 01/01/2017 01/01/2020
11 S M Auto Engineering Pvt. Ltd, Pune 08/12/2016 08/12/2020

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Prof.(Dr.) S J NAVLE
Title of Research: Investigations on performance of S.I.Engine fueled with hydrogen gas as an alternate fuel in comparison with pure gasoline
Name of the Guide: Dr. R.R.Kulkarni (Guide), Dr. S.S.Thipse (Co-Guide)
Research Center: VIT, PuneUniversity: Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune
Title of Research: Design, development and performance evaluation of a refrigeration system for a new environment-friendly refrigerant.

Name of the Guide: Dr. S N Sapali
Research Center: COEP, Pune
University: Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune


S N Title of the Project Principal Investigator Amount received (Rs) Funding Agency
1 Tribological Performance Evaluation of Non-asbestos organic Brake Pad Materials Prof.(Dr.) B D Bachchhav 25,000 Institution of Engineers R&D Cell


Title of paper Author Name of journal ISBN /ISSN
Critical Property Assessment of Novel Brake pad Materials by AHP Prof. (Dr.) B D Bachchhav Journal of Manufacturing Engineering 0973-6867
Numerical analysis of three lobe hydrodynamic journal bearing using CFD–FSI technique based on response surface evaluation Prof.(Dr.) D Y Dhande Journal of Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering (Springer), August 2018, 40:393 1678-5878
Implementation of CFD–FSI Technique Coupled with Response Surface Optimization method for Analysis of Three-Lobe Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing Prof.(Dr.) D Y Dhande Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series C (Springer), October 2018, pp 1–12 Print ISSN:


Online ISSN: 2250-0553

Multiphase flow analysis of hydrodynamic journal bearing using CFD coupled Fluid Structure Interaction considering cavitation Prof.(Dr.) D Y Dhande Journal of King Saud University-Engineering Sciences,Volume 30, Issue 4, October 2018, Pages 345-354 (Elsevier) 1018-3639
Exploring Biodynamic Response (Apparent Masses) of a Seated Human Body Exposed To External Excitation in Vertical Direction Prof.(Dr.) M R. Phate  International Journal of Industrial Engineering & Production Research, Volume 29, Issue 4 (12-2018) 2008-4889
Modeling and prediction of WEDM performance parameters for Al/SiCp MMC using Dimensional analysis and artificial neural network. Prof.(Dr.) M R Phate Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal (Elsevier) 2008-4889
Taguchi Technique for Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of PEEK      Composite   Materials Prof.(Dr.) P S Gajjal Materials Today: Proceedings Elsevier,

5 (2018), 950–957

ISSN: 2214-7853
Effect of Volute Tongue Clearance Variation on Performance of Centrifugal Blower by Numerical and Experimental Analysis Prof. S R Patil

Prof. S S Vadgeri

Materials Today: Proceedings 5 (2018) 3883–3894 (Elsevier) ISSN: 2214-7853
Static and Fatigue Analysis of Lathe spindle for Maximum Cutting Force Prof. S S Vadgeri

Prof. S R Patil

Materials Today: Proceedings 5 (2018) 4438–4444 (Elsevier) ISSN:


Testing of environment friendly refrigerant R290 for water cooler application Prof.(Dr.) C S Choudhari International Journal of Engineering, Transactions A: Basic ISSN : 10252495
Synthesis and characterisation of cashew nut shell liquid matrix composite for composite application Prof. A R Takalkar Biopolymer & Biomaterials ISSN-978-1-315-1698-3
Experimental identification of non-hysteresis algebraic force model of automotive hydraulic damper Prof.(Dr.) C S Dharankar International Journal of Vehicle Performance (IJVP), Interscience Publisher ISSN Online : 1745-3208

ISSN Print: 1745-3194

Performance Analysis of Cool air ventilated seat cover Prof. S.V.Chaitanya International Journal of Science Technology and Engineering ISSN 2349-784X
Insights on Supply Chain Needs and Issues in Indian SMEs Prof. G B Narkhede Industrial Engineering Journal ISSN: 2581-4915
Performance Characterization & Multi Objective Optimization of Laser Beam cutting process on Steel Prof. N.N.Gotkhindikar International Journal for Research in applied science and Engineering Technology ISSN: 2321-9653


Title of Book Author Name of Publisher ISBN /ISSN
Experimental Investigation of Maximum Cutting Force Condition in Lathe Prof. S S Vadgeri &

Prof. S R Patil

LAMBERT Publication, Germany ISBN: 978-613-9-45019-0
Springer book series – AEOTIT 2018 Prof.(Dr.) B D Bachchhav Springer ISBN – 978-9981-13-8196-6
Fabrication of temperature control solar dryer Prof.(Dr.) M. S. Deshmukh & Prof.(Dr.) M R Phate LAMBERT Publication, Germany ISBN : 978-613-999230-0
WEDm performance analysis of AL/GR mmc using response surface method Prof.(Dr.) M R Phate LAMBERT Publication, Germany ISBN : 978-613-999228-7
Operation Research Prof.(Dr.) M R Phate Sharp / Success ISBN  : 978-93-24457-08-2
Tribo-Behaviour of Dry Sintered Material Prof.(Dr.) P S Gajjal LAMBERT Publication, Germany ISBN: 978-613-9-44952-1
Study of WCO Biofueled VCR CI Engine performance testing with DPF Prof.(Dr.) M. S. Deshmukh LAMBERT Publication, Germany ISBN 978-613-9-47099-0