Externally Funded Projects:

The following Proposals are Shortlisted in BCUD, University of Pune:

Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Project Title
U R Awari P R Satarkar
S. S. Bhuinyan
Evaluation of structural performance of reinforced concrete beams using glass fiber reinforced polymers
D V Wadkar Dr A S Kote
P R Modak
Development of eco-friendly model for removal of Cox by using adsorbents and absorbents


The following Proposals are submitted to BCUD, University of Pune:

Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Project Title

Prof. V N Patil

Prof. R D Nalawade

Reinforced Fly Ash Slope using different Geosynthetics

Prof. M V Waghmare

Prof. U R Awari & Prof. S A Kothari

Study of Earthquake Induced Waves in Circular Water Tank with various Staging height


BCUD Project under Environmental Engineering Lab:-

  • Utilization of Sugar Factory Waste and Distillery Waste as Fertilizer:-This is a joint research activity carried out by the Department of Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering. The aim of the work is to use the waste materials from Sugar factory and Distillery as a fertilizer. The work involves development of a suitable product mix, process for manufacturing fertilizer on large scale and trials at laboratory and field level. This research project was partially funded by BCUD, University of Pune.

In-house research projects:-

The students and the faculty are engaged in following research related activities

  • Utilisation of RHA as an Admixture for Economical Concrete:-Rice Husk Ash (RHA) is produced as a waste from the growth of rice paddy. In India, it¬† is used as a replacement of cement (15-25%)in concrete. The investigation shows a scope to utilize RHA in concrete. An attempt was made to use RHA in the concrete mix for producing light weight concrete, use in construction of masonry and cement mortar.
  • Applications of Artificial Neural Network to Large Aquifer Systems:-Simulation of large aquifer system by artificial neural network is done in this research. Aim is to develop finite element, artificial, neural network based on inverse ground water model.
  • Fuzzy Modeling for Environmental Pollution Potential of Industries:-The research aims at creating a Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making and Fuzzy Rule Based System to rank the industries based on their environmental pollution potential and thereby arriving at a status of their acceptability based on the degree of pollution created by them.
  • Stabilization of an Expansive Soil by Using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS):- The work is oriented towards the investigation of the potential of GGBS as a stabilizer for black cotton soil.
  • Eco-friendly Intelligent Indoor air Purifying and Oxygenating system:
    The aim of the work is to control indoor air pollution and supply garden fresh cool air.