The Department of Civil Engineering consist 9 laboratories. These are well equipped as per the curriculum of Savitribai Phule Pune University. These labs are also utilized by students and faculties for research and project work.

Lab Incharge: Dr. R D Nalawade
List of Equipment

  1. Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus.
  2. Vane Shear Test Apparatus.
  3. CBR Test Apparatus
  4. Direct Shear Test Apparatus
  5. Consolidation Apparatus (Three Gang)
  6. Standard Procter Test Apparatus
  7. Permeability Apparatus
  8. Standard Procter Test Apparatus
Name of the Laboratory:  SURVEYING LAB
Lab Incharge : P R Modak
List of Equipment

  1. Dumpy level with stand
  2. Vernier Transit Theodolite with Al.
  3. Digital Planimeter (Roller type)
  4. Plane Table set with accessories
  5. Digital Electronic Total Station with stand
  6. Nautical Sextant in Wooden box
  7. Mirror stereoscope
  8. One second Theodolite
Lab Incharge: Mrs. K N Kulkarni
List of Equipment

  1. Hot Air Oven
  2. Digital Balance
  3. Los Angeles Abrasion Test Machine
  4. Marshall Stability Test Apparatus with dial gauge and proving ring
  5. Ductility Testing Machine
  6. Centrifugal Extractor
  7. Flash point Fire point Apparatus
Name of the Laboratory:  TESTING OF MATERIAL LAB
Lab Incharge : M S Chiwande
List of Equipment

  1. Electronic Universal Testing Machine
  2. Compression Testing Machine
  3. Flexural Testing Machine
  4. Torsion Testing Machine
  5. Rapid Chloride penetration testing machine
  6. Tile Abrasion Testing Machine.
  7. Tilting mixer 1/2 bag capacity
  8. Concrete Permeability testing machine
Lab Incharge : Dr. D V Wadkar
List of Equipment

  1. Muffle Furnace
  2. Hot Air Oven
  3. BOD Incubator, Make – Classic.
  4. Auto Calve Vertical Type
  5. Jar Test Apparatus220
  6. Digital Flame Photometer
  7. Bacteriological Incubator
  8. High Volume Sampler
Name of the Laboratory:  FLUID MECHANICS LAB
Lab Incharge : Dr. V S Chavhan
List of Equipment

  1. Wind tunnel
  2. Tilting hydraulic flume
  3. Pelton wheel turbine
  4. Centrifugal pump
  5. Impact of jet apparatus
  6. V-notch apparatus
  7. Redwood viscometer
  8. Pressure transducer apparatus
  9. Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus
Name of the Laboratory: STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS  LAB

Lab Incharge : Dr. M V Waghmare

 List of Equipment

1.     Horizontal Shake Table with Cylinder Cam

2.     Shake table Vertical Model

3.     Single storey building frame panar asymmetrical

4.     Single storey building frame with stiffeners

5.     Four storey building frame

6.     Water tank model

7.     Liquefaction model

8.     Beam setup

9.     Vibration isolator

10.Vibration Absorber

Name of the Laboratory:  UG COMPUTER LAB
Lab Incharge: Mrs. S A Chavan
List of Software

  1. Autocad 2009  =  20User
  2. Rivit Structure  =1 User
  3. Rivit Architecture  = 1 User
  4. Rivit MAP  = 1 User
  5. Rivit Auto cad 2010 = 1User
  6. Staad Pro            = 1User
  7. WTP Software   = 5User
  8. ETP Software      = 5 User

List of Equipment

  1. Desktop Computer i3  = 20Nos
  2. UPS   (7.5 KVA)
Name of the Laboratory:  PG COMPUTER LAB
Lab Incharge: Dr. (Mrs) V N Patil
List of Software

  1. ETABS Software,
  2. QGIS Software,
  3. SAAP, Software
  4. STAAD PRO. Software

List of Equipment

  1. Desktop Computer Lenovo
    Think centre
  2. UPS 7.5 KVA
  3. Scanner HP 200
  4. Printer HP PRO MPP126 NW
  5. Projector Beng MX661with Accesseries
  6. Projectore screen 6 x 8