• Prof A V Waghmare was invited as a speaker, a workshop on” Innovations in solar thermal energy storage technologies and its future prospects” on 23rd April, 2015 at TERI University.
  • Prof A V Waghmare was invited for Faculty Development Program on Building Energy Efficiency scheduled on August 14, 2015 at Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science & Energy (CARBSE), CEPT University, Ahmedabad.
  • Prof A V Waghmare, Prof D Y Dhande, Prof S V Chaitanya, Prof C S Choudhari, Prof S R Patil have reviewed papers in MechPGCON 2015, organized by SPPU during 19-20 July 2015.
  • Prof A V Waghmare was invited as a Judge to Avishkar 2015, held at North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, on 22 November 2015.
  • Prof A V Waghmare presented a paper in the International conference on Applied Energy (ICAE-2015) at Abudhabi, UAE.
  • Prof A V Waghmare presented a paper in the International Conference on Heat and Mass Transfer (ISHMT-ASTFE-2015) held at ISRO, Trivandram during 17-19 Dec 2015.
  • Prof S J Navale received grant for the project of Rs 1.15 lakhs from the University of Pune. Title of the project is ‘Experimental investigation on performance of SI engine fuelled with hydrogen gas as an alternative fuel.’
  • Prof S K Yadav, Prof Y B Karandikar, Prof A J Bhosale and Prof M P Bauskar authored a book titled ‘Applied Thermodynamics’ Technical Publications, ISBN- 978-93-5099-907-3.
  • Dr S M Sansgiri is the Book Reviewer at McGraw-Hill Education (India) Pvt. Ltd., Noida
  • Dr S M Sansgiri delivered talk on “Ethics in Engineering Profession”, at the Workshop, “Ethics in Engineering, Engineering Education and Engineering Research”, organized by JSPM’s RSCOE, Pune
  • Dr S M Sansgiri participated “Industrial Tribology”, a Two-day Workshop organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, AISSMS COE, Pune
  • Dhananjay S Kulkarni completed his Masters in Journalism and stood first in University. He received the prestigious ‘LokmannyaTilak Award’.
  • Prof M P Bauskar,Prof G B Narkhede  authored a book titled ‘Manufacturing Process I’ Success Publications, ISBN- 978-93-5158-221-2
  • Prof M P Bauskar,Prof G B Narkhede  authored a book titled ‘Metrology and Quality Control’ Success Publications, ISBN- 978-93-5158-408-7


Sr.No Application Number Title Applicant Inventor Patent File
1 201621006374 Variable Roof & Bonnet Diffuser M P Bauskar 24/02/2016
2 201621032190 Fail Safe Circuit for Vehicle Brakes M P Bauskar  M P Bauskar 21/09/2016
3 201621035109 Smart Fuel Measuring System M P Bauskar C S Choudhary, M P Bauskar 14/10/2016
4 201621036033 Safe Pass through Tunnel or any Construction M P Bauskar M P Bauskar 21/10/2016
5 68/MUM/2015 Variable Stiffness Passive Suspence System with adjustable spring Mount S V Chaitanya S V Chaitanya 08/01/2015
6 3928/MUM/2015 Design and Development of Novel Passive Suspension System for Two Wheeler Automobile S V Chaitanya S V Chaitanya 08/01/2015
7 3236/MUM/2014 Waste Heat Recovery by Modified Pan Support of Domestic LPG stove V R Patil V R Patil Patent file