Industry Institute Interaction

One Faculty One Industry:

One Faculty One Industry activity runs by the department to build strong relationship between academia and industry. Every faculty will connect with one or more industry and have some interaction under it whish is beneficial for students. Under this activity students got benefitted in term of internships, Sponsorships, Expert talks, Industry visit and Placements.


To strengthen the Industry-Institute interaction involving every faculty of the Department.

  • To have association with wide spectrum of industry
  • To establish long term association with industries in an organised manner
  • To enrich the Teaching-Learning process with the support from the Industries
  • To initiate need based collaborative programs
  • List of Active MoU AY: 2022-23
    Sr. No. Name of Company Year Duration(Yrs)
    1 Parkomate Solutions LLP 2023-24 3
    2 Automation Anywhere 2022-23 3
    3 Diligence Tech 2022-23 5
    4 Nexus Infosec 2022-23 5
    5 Sunshine Powertronics Pvt. Ltd.Pune 2021-22 5
    6 Firenest Reality Pvt Ltd 2021-22 5
    7 Startech Enginneers, Mumbai 2021-22 3
    8 Elon Power 2021-22 5
    9 PMP Automation Pvt Ltd 2021-22 3
    10 CMS Digital Automation Pune 2021-22 3
    11 Wish Energy 2021-22 3
    12 Softcon Pvt Ltd 2021-22 5
    13 IOCare Pune 2017-18 7

MoU With Parkomate Solutions Thane

Technical Consultancy with Kone Crane Pune

Industry Visit


Sr. No. Visited Industry Date No. of Students  Coordinator PO PSO
1 Dankel Tech, Pune 7/11/2022  86 Dr. R. R. Itkarkar 1,6,7,10,12 1,2
2 GMRT, Khodad


27/01/2023  50 Mr. S. B. Dhekale

Mr. N. P. Mawale

Mrs. Y. P. Lad

1,6,7,10,12 1,2
3 Industry /Visit to MAPRO, Satara. 06/05/2023 40 Mrs. V. V. Deshmukh 1,6,7,10,12 1,2
1 Industry /Visit to MAPRO, Satara. 08/04/2022  70 Mrs. V. V. Deshmukh 1,6,7,10,12 1,2
2 CSM Digital Technology 

(Chinchwad Station, Pune)

04/10/2021 34 online Ms. P. P. Tayade 1,6,7,10,12 1,2
1 Elon Power Pvt Ltd. 26/02/2021 50 Mr. V. B. Gawai 1,6,7,10,12 1,2

Department of E&TC Engineering in association with AISSMSCOE IEEE Student Branch (STB-98723) had organized an industrial visit on 7th November 2022, Monday at ‘‘DankelTech pvt ltd Singhgad road, Pune, Maharashtra. DankelTech pvt ltd is a leading manufacturer, supplier of Plastic injection mould and moulded components required in cars. Students gained information about machinery required for plastic moulding process and small plastic parts manufacturing

Department of E&TC Engineering had organized an industrial visit on 6th May 2023, Saturday at Mapro Food Park Shendurjane, Tal- Wai, Dist. Satara to study the PLC automation manufacturing process and experience and the current trends in automation like Human-machine interface, SCADA system. Students experienced the industrial manufacturing process. Total of 40 SE students along with faculty members visited the plant.

AISSMSCOE department of E & TC engineering & AISSMS COE IEEE student branch in association with AISSMS COE Institution Innovation Council (IIC) Organized industrial visit to Megha Embedded system Pvt Ltd, Chakan on 27th September 2023.This visit was organized as part of curriculum of Skill Development course. Total 83 students with 6 faculty visited. The objective of the visit was to upgrade knowledge on exposure about PCB manufacturing process and various advance soldering process such as bubble solder used in Industries.

Students Undergone Internships:
Sr. No. Academic Year No of Students
1 2023-24 66
2 2022-23 68
3 2021-22 35
4 2020-21 41
Faculty Training:

Mr.V.B.Gawai , Mrs.V.S.Navale and Mrs.R.R.Itkarkar Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering has Under gone 2 weeks Hands-on Industrial training on PLC and Automation at B&R Automation Pvt. Ltd. Pune in AY 2019-20

Faculty Tranning at B&R Automation Pune

Industry supported laboratories

Department have two industry supported laboratories:

  1. Center of Excellence (BOTLAB)
  2. AI & ML Integrated IoT Laboratory

1.Centre of Excellence (BOTLAB)
Centre of excellence in the field of robotics and automation is established in department in association with Automation Anywhere Pvt. Ltd. College and Department teachers’ and students’ undergone basic and advance level training under center of excellence.

2. AI and ML Integrated IoT Laboratory:
AI and ML Integrated IoT Laboratory is an AICTE funded project under MODROB and Industry sponsored Laboratory (Netalla Innovations Pvt. Ltd.)

Amount Sanction by AICTE & Netella Innovations Pvt. Ltd

Sr. No. Expenditure by Amount
1 AICTE 6,91,429/-
2 Amount paid by sponsoring industry Netalla Innovations Pvt. Ltd (Industry Sponsored) 7,83,301/-
Total amount Sponsored  14,74,730/-
3 AISSMS Contribution 5,00,000/-
Total Cost of Equipment 19,74,730/00
AL & ML Integrated IoT Laboratory

List of projects sponsored by Industry:

Sr. No. Name Guide Area Title Sponsorship In-house
1 Saumya, Gadhave, Shruti Ms. V. D. Nagrale Embedded+


Designing a control system and software application to monitor advertisement/display screen Brand Publicity Graphic Designing & Printing Pune 21
2 Chaudhari Piyush Dinesh,  Mahajan Neeraj Vinod, Patil Nikita Ajitsinh Mr. V. B. Gawai IOT+


The crop monitoring robot using IoRT Automate Engineering Pune
3 Samruddhi Jadhav,   Patil Nikita Ajitsinh, Diya Vora Mrs. Y. P. Lad Automation Sanitory Napkin vending Machine Indotech Industries Pvt Ltd, Pune
4 Kunal Kadnor Mr. V B Gawai Automation Solar Cleaning System Atomic Enterprises Pune
1 Kedar Pawar, Ishan Gupta, Rutuja Kothari,  Abhishek Khedkar Mr. V B Gawai Embedded Systems CNC PCB Router My Future Town Pune 18
2 Ishan Gupta, Rutuja Kothari,

Abhishek Khedkar,  Abhishek Khedkar

Mrs. R. R. Itkarkar AI + IOT Driver Monitoring System for Digital Twin Intangles Lab Pvt Ltd, Pune
1 Komal Jadhav, Diksha Ingale,  Mansi Shirode Mr. S. B. Dhekale Machine learning, image processing Smart mirror ioCare Pvt. Ltd Pune 19

 List of Industries collaborated under Industry Institute Interaction

Sr. No. Name of Collaborating Industry/ Organization Purpose of Collaboration
1 Automation Anywhere MoU,Centre of Excellence, RPA Student Training and
2 IOCARE, Pune MoU,Workshop,                                         BE Sponsored Project
3 SM Tech Pvt Ltd MoU,Guest Lecture
4 Dzine Arena Pvt Ltd Pune MoU,Industry Visit ,                     Sponsorship Project
5 B&R  Automation Pvt. Ltd. Pune Faculty Training
6 All India Radio Pune Industry Visit, Project Competition
7 Vighnahar Sugar Factory Industry Visit
8 IndEyes Infotech Pvt MoU,Students Internship
9 Microcon Power  Electronics MoU,Students Internship
10 JSR Pvt Ltd MoU,National /International Conference conduction, Research Projects
11 PMP Automation MoU,Expert Talk , Students Internship
12 My Future Town Pune Sponsored Project
13 Intangles Lab Pvt Ltd, Pune Sponsored Project
14 Automate Engineers MoU,Students Internship
15 Startech Engineers MoU,Students Internship
16 Firenest reality Pvt Ttd MoU,Students Internship
17 Tata Sons Ltd Students Internship
18 Bubble AI Students Internship
19 Healthcare Dignostic Ltd Students Internship
20 eMomey solution Students  Internship
21 CSM Digital Technologies MoU, Students  Internship
22 Kalpataru Students  Internship
23 Linkcode Students Internship
24 Sunshine Power Electronics MoU,Internship
25 ENCON Students  Internship
26 Dankel Tech Students  Internship
27 FirstEigen Students  Internship
28 BoLTs IOT Students  Internship
29 Schnell Technologies Students  Internship
30 Diligence Tech Students  Internship
31 eptune Enterprises Students  Internship
32 Teknik Engineers Students  Internship
33 Kalika Steel Private Ltd., Jalna Students  Internship
34 Shiksha Students  Internship
35 Chaitanya Students  Internship
36 Aviator Automation India Students  Internship
37 DRDO Pune Students  Internship
38 Society for Space Education Research & Development Students  Internship
39 ELON Power Pune MoU, Students  Internship
40 NETTOYER AUTOMOTIVE Students  Internship
41 Picshort Private Limited Students  Internship
42 Ax Design Pune Expert Lecture
43 BSNL Pune Expert Lecture
44 RF Lab Solutions Expert Lecture
45 Tata Communication Expert Lecture
46 Prolific Corp Pvt Ltd Expert Lecture