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Research year 2015-17:

Title of research proposal : ‘ Investigation of Microwave Sensor for Non invasive Determination of Blood Glucose Concentration’

Principal investigator: Prof. Vidya V Deshmukh

Funding :Approval from BCUD, Pune

Introduction : Diabetes is a disease where body is unable to regulate proper amount of glucose in the blood due to lack of insulin or body’s inability to produce insulin. Glucose is a biological sugar which provides chief source of energy for body. Acceptable glucose range in human being is 70mg/dL to 110 mg/dL. Diabetes mainly classified in to 2 types Type1 Diabetes an autoimmune disease and Type 2 caused due to metabolic disorder. Diabetes occurs in two states Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia with low blood sugar and high blood sugar levels respectively. If glucose concentration falls out of normal range causing Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia states then permanent damage may results to vital organs

 Past Researched:

Title: Implementation of Variable Speed Adaptive Delta Modulated Drive using Digital Signal Processor
This project implements a variable speed drive systems using Digital Signal Processing microcontroller. The typical motor control signal chain requires a processor core and a generic set of peripheral function blocks to interface between the digital processor and the “real world” signals. The basic blocks to interface to an A C motor power converter are a PWM generator and an analog to digital conversion system. The DSP microcontroller combines the very powerful DSP core described above with a generic set of peripherals, designed especially for A C motor control. The power converter of choice for low to medium power A C motor control applications is a three phase IGBT or MOSFET inverter. The power device switching signals are usually fixed frequency PWM timing signals with frequencies ranging from a few thousand hertz to some tens of thousands hertz.

Principal Investigator: Mrs  K  B Chaudhari 

Funding: Partially funded by University of Pune

Other Research Areas

  1. Alarm Radio Network
  2. Implementation of Variable Speed Adaptive delta Modulated Drive Using Digital signal Processor
  3. Improvement of Clustering Performance Using Hard Partition Clustering Algorithm
  4. Automatic Garbage Collection System
  5. Embedded System for position and motor control of Vigilance device
  6. Wireless Audio and Video surveillance and device monitoring
  7. FPGA based design of micro controller for three phase inverter
  8. PID temperature controller and indicator
  9. Bottle filling plant using PLC

Partial funding has been received from University of Pune for following project.
1. Improvement of Clustering Performance using Hard Partition Clustering Algorithm.