The Department has well-equipped laboratories on the following subjects.


Sr. No. Laboratory Name Lab-in-Charge
1 Basic Electronics Engineering Laboratory Mr. S. P.  Bhosale
2 Communication Engineering Laboratory Ms.  Y. P. Lad
3 Electronic Devices &Circuit Laboratory Mr. V. B. Gawai
4 VLSI  Laboratory Ms. V. D. Nagrale
5 Computational & Signal Processing Laboratory Mr. S. B. Dhekale
6 Process Automation & Instrumentation Laboratory Mr. A. Y. Kazi
7 Power Electronics Laboratory Ms. V. S. Navale
8 Project Laboratory Prof. N. P. Mawale
9 PG Laboratory Ms. P. P. Vast
Laboratory Name: Communication Engineering Laboratory
Location of laboratory: Room No. 451
Laboratory in charge: Ms Y P Lad
Software Installed : Anntena Software, Software for Microwave
Equipment’s: Analog & Digital Communication Kits, Digital Storage
Oscilloscope, Spectrum
Analyzer, Distortion & Level Meters, Microwave Test Set Up, Microwave Power
Meter, Multipurpose Lab Station, 6 ½ DMM, Optical
Fiber Communication Link etc.
Laboratory Name: Electronic Devices &Circuit Laboratory
Location of laboratory: Room No.432
Laboratory in charge: Prof. V. B. Gawai
Software Installed : Multisim 11, Proteus
Equipment’s: Electronics Training Kits, function generators, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, power supplies, digital & analog millimeters, 6 ½ Digit DMM, Pentium PV Computers, Multisim software etc.
Laboratory Name: VLSI  Laboratory
Location of laboratory: Room No. 452
Laboratory in charge: Prof V D Nagrale
Software Installed : Xilinx ISE 9.2i, Microwind 3.0, Mentor Graphics

FPGA Family Spartan 3, Spartan 2, Spartan 3 DSP kits
Laboratory Name: Computational & Signal Processing Laboratory
Location of laboratory: Room No. 453
Laboratory in charge: Prof. S. B. Dhekale
Software Installed : Open source tools for 8051, MPLAB IDE for PIC 18F, open source Python
Equipment’s: DSP, Raspberry pi, aurdino, 8051, Arm 2148, PIC 18F etc
Laboratory Name: Process Automation & Instrumentation Laboratory
Location of laboratory: Room No. 402A
Laboratory in charge: Mr A Y Kazi
Software Installed :
Equipment’s: Sensors and Actuators, Transducer Measurement, Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Bottle Filling Unit Demo. etc
Laboratory Name: PG Laboratory
Location of laboratory: Room No. 456
Laboratory in charge: Ms P P Vast
Software Installed : Code composer, Matlab, Feko
Equipment’s: Microwave set up, Microwave Sources, etc
Laboratory Name: Power Electronics Laboratory
Location of laboratory: Room No. 437
Laboratory in charge: Ms. V S Navale
Software Installed : Psim
Equipment’s: PC, Three Phase Power Analyzer, Single & Three Phase Converter, PWM Generation & Test kit, Single & Three Phase Inverter, Cycloconverter, Powerscope, Single & Three Phase Drive
Laboratory Name: Basic Electronics Laboratory
Location of laboratory: Room No. 429
Laboratory in charge: Mr. S P Bhosale
Software Installed :
Equipment’s: PN junction diode , FET, Analog 741, DSO, CRO etc
Laboratory Name: Project  Laboratory
Location of laboratory: Room No. 431
Laboratory in charge: Mr. N P Mawale
Software Installed : Open source simulation, PCB express, Proteus, etc
PC, Soldering gun, components etc