Social Awareness and Contribution

 Bag-loads of Eco-consciousness

It is hard not to miss the messages and detrimental outcomes of environmental pollution and its toll on human health and the planet. Green measures are practiced daily – right from using discarded firewood for cooking, to using ash for cleaning utensils and growing some of our own food for the midday meal. As part of the Social Awareness Program, four students Prakash Choudhary, Smarjeet Das, Gautam Singh, and Rahul Sharma of the final year of AISSMS College of Engineering Computer Engineering Department wanted to make their community aware about the ill effects of using plastic.

They went a step further and made paper bags out of old newspapers and envelopes. They then went to some nearby villages to distribute the bags. They explained how plastic causes contamination, is non-biodegradable and causes harm. They urged and motivated the villagers to switch to using paper bags. Their forthrightness and a social message were appreciated by the villagers and now they are proactively trying to significantly reduce the use of plastic.



promoting paper bags. Date: 24/02/20

 Thinking outside the box

At AISSMS College of Engineering, students have demonstrated their ability to take their education and apply it in solving day to day problems. For instance, one of the students’ bike keys fell into the water hole while parking bike in the college parking. Several students attempted to retrieve the key with their hands but since the hole was too narrow, they were unsuccessful.

However, Shubham Kasabe, a  third-year TE computer student had a novel idea. He brought a magnet tied with a shoelace and inserted it into the hole. As the magnet easily attracted the key in the hole, the key also made its way out along with the magnet. Shubham Kasabe demonstrated his ability to think outside the box. Through critical thinking and abstract reasoning, he was able to save the day and the students could continue their game of cricket.

Shubham Kasabe saved the time and effort by thinking outside the box.  Date: 25/7/2017

 Campaign for Green India  

With the growing concern around usage of chemical fertilizers in agriculture & promotion, the AISSMS COE Computer Engineering Department teachers and students community is learning ways of organic and natural farming. BE Computer students of AISSMS COE initiated a project near Bhor Distinct along with their teachers to make ‘Tree Plantation Program for Green India’. The objective is to learn to make every student aware about Importance of Trees and to promote it in their local communities so that farms decrease their use of chemical fertilizers and adopt environmentally friendly methods.

Our children endorse healthy and eco-friendly practices so that local communities work towards a greener and a healthier future!










Date: 13/7/ 2016

 AISSMS College Of Engineering Volunteering Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

 AISSMS College Of Engineering undertook a cleanliness drive during the month of October 2014 as in accordance with the nation-wide Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Campaign Clean India) launched on 2nd October 2014 at Rajghat, New Delhi, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

More than five student-volunteers from the Department of Computer Engineering along with Prof. Shashikant V. Athawale of the department were actively involved in the cleanliness drive. They enthusiastically took up brooms and garbage bags to clean up every nook and corner of the outer edge of the college premises. The whole drive was quite inspiring and motivating for the staff and students. The students realized that any work is best done when it is carried out by a person himself. It also made the students aware of the dignity of labor. The campaign and the hard work of the volunteers stood as an example and encouragement to all the students to keep the premises clean and green.

Date: 02/10/2016