Department Activities

Interviews of Students club on 02.08.2019 and 03.08.2019

Interviews of Recruitment Drive of Students Committee of Aviot-O-Virtue Drone and Robotics Student’s Club for Academic Year 2019-20 conducted on 2nd & 3rd of August 2019 at 3:30 pm in Electronics & Telecommunication seminar hall. The Principal Dr. D. S. Bormane and HOD of Electronics and Telecommunication Dr. D. G. Bhalke, Faculty advisers Prof. N. P. Mawale and Prof.V. B. Gawai and Ajay Patil & Akhilesh Sonawane, Ex-head of Drone and Robotics club respectively, conducted this interviews. Students from all the departments were judged on the basis of their Interest’s and Technical Knowledge and were about to assign in different committees. This interview was the first time experience for many of the participants which would be helpful for them in future as they told after Interview. The event was Coordinated by the club members. The students also gave a colossal Response after the experience of this interview’s and took participation in this event in immense number. Total 62 participants attended. We are very thankful to Shri. Malojiraje Chhatrapati, Hon. Secretary AISSM Society, Pune and Dr. D S Bormane, Principal AISSMS College of Engineering for their constant support and motivation to organised this event. Prof. N P Mawale coordinated this event.

Induction program of Students Club on 09.08.2019

Induction Program of new recruited students of Aviot -O – Virtue Drone and Robotics Club on 09.08.2019. Chief Guest for the program was Dr. D G. Bhalke and Guest of honor was Prof. S B Dhekale. Faculty Coordinator Prof. N P Mawale and Prof V B Gawai was present on Dias . Dr. D G Bhalke expressed his views on Drone and Robotics Club during his motivation Speech . He guided students for R&D Activities, Patents and how to become.e Entrepreneur through Students Club Membership. He also guided students for following Ethics, and Rules and regulations of students club and culture of it like a joint Family. Prof N P Mawale address students about Processes of club, how to become Entrepreneur by life long learning lesson through Students Club. He asked every students to find out at least one problem of Society and provide Solution for that problem and have patent on solution. He asked students to become job provider rather that job sicker. We are very thankful to Hon. Secretary Shrimp. Malojiraje Chhatrapati and Principal Dr. D S. Bormane for their constant support and motivation for students club for organising such innovative Events. Total 65 Students attended event. The Induction program was coordinated by Prof. N P Mawale. Overall events was grand success. Students were very happy after program and all were highly motivated by Speech of Dr. D G. Bhalke, HOD E&TC.

Recruitment drive of Students Club on 01.08.2019

Recruitment drive of Aviot-O-Virtue Drone and Robotics Student’s Club for the year 2019-20 held on 1 August 2019 at 3:30 pm in the central computing centre. The Principal Dr. D. S. Bormane inaugurated the recruitment drive by cutting the ribbon. HOD of Electronics And Telecommunication Dr. D. G. Bhalke, Faculty advisors Mr. N. P. Mawale and Mr. V. B. Gawai were present for the inauguration ceremony. The entrance exam was coordinated by all students club members. The participants’ student also gave an appreciable response to this exam & each of them gave exceptional feedback after the end of the exam. Total 62 participants given an exam. We are very thankful to Hon. Secretary, AISSM Society, Pune Shri. Malojiraje Chhatrapati and Dr. D S Bormane for constant support and motivation. The overall event was Grand Success.