Course Outcomes

Second Year Engineering (S E) [2015 Pattern] Sem-III, Term-I

1.Signals & Systems [204181]

CO1 Understand mathematical description and representation of continuous and discrete time signals and systems.
CO2 Develop input output relationship for linear shift invariant system and understand the convolution operator for continuous and discrete time system.
CO3 Understand and resolve the signals in frequency domain using Fourier series and Fourier transforms
CO4 Understand the limitations of Fourier transform and need for Laplace transform and develop the ability to analyze the system in s- domain.
CO5 Understand the basic concept of probability, random variables & random signals and develop ability to find correlation, CDF, PDF and probability of a given event.

 2.Electronic Devices & Circuits [204182]

CO1 Understand JFET, its characteristics,operations, dc and ac analysis by implementation and simulation.
CO2  Understand MOSFET, its characteristics, operation,and its dc analysis.
CO3 Analyze small signal model of MOSFET.
CO4 Understand different circuits using MOSFET.
CO5 Understand and apply concept of positive and negative feedback in electronic circuits.
 CO6  Design an adjustable voltage regulator.

4.Data structures &Algorithms [204184]


5.Digital Electronics [204185]

CO1 Use the basic logic gates and various reduction techniques of digital logic circuit in detail.
CO2 Design combinational and sequential circuits.
CO3 Design and implement hardware circuit to test performance and application.
CO4 Understand the architecture and use of microcontrollers for basic operations and Simulate using simulation software.

6.Electronic Measuring Instruments & Tools [204186]

CO1  Understand fundamental of various electrical measurements.
CO2  Understand and describe specifications, features and capabilities of electronic instruments.
CO3  Finalize the specifications of instrument and select an appropriate instrument for given measurement.
CO4  Carry out required measurement using various instruments under different setups.
CO5  Able to compare measuring instruments for performance parameters
 CO6  Select appropriate instrument for the measurement of electrical parameter professionally.

Second Year Engineering (S E) [2015 Pattern] Sem-IV, Term-II