Production Engineering Faculty:


Sr. No. Photo Name Designation Exp. Qualification Email id PDF profile
1 Dr. S. H. Wankhade Associate Professor 24 Yrs ME shwankhade@aissmscoe.com Profile
2 VYS Mr. V. Y. Sonawane Asst. Professor 24 Yrs ME vysonawane@aissmscoe.com Profile
3 VDD Mr. V. D. Dholle HoD and Workshop Superintendent 20 Yrs  ME vddholle@aissmscoe.com Profile
4 MAK Mr. M. A. Kelkar Assistant Workshop Superintendent 20 Yrs ME makelkar@aissmscoe.com Profile
5 Nitin Dr. N. G. Shekapure Asst. Professor 18 Yrs BE, ME, MBA, PhD. ngshekapure@aissmscoe.com Profile
6 SSK Mr. S. S. Kallurkar Asst. Professor 14 Yrs ME sskallurkar@aissmscoe.com Profile
7 SNC Mr. S. N. Chiwande Asst. Professor 14 Yrs ME snchiwande@aissmscoe.com Profile
8 SKB Mr. S. K. Bidgar Asst. Professor 09 Yrs ME skbidgar@aissmscoe.com Profile
9 MLC Mr. M. L. Chanpur Asst. Professor 09 Yrs M.Tech, Ph.D. Pursuing mlchanpur@aissmscoe.com Profile
10 YKF Mrs. Y. K. Funde Asst. Professor 9 Yrs M.E. ykfunde@aissmscoe.com Profile
11 YRC Mr. Y. R. Chandwade Asst. Professor 06 Yrs M.Tech yrchandwade@aissmscoe.com Profile
12 Prof. Sandip Kondaji Bidgar Asst. Professor 16 Yrs PhD Pursuing, ME, BE skbidgar@aissmscoe.com Profile


Non-Teaching Staff:

Sr. No. Photo Name Designation Exp. Qualification Email id PDF profile
1 RG Mr. R. S. Gangawane Lab Assistant 13 Yrs DME, B Tech (Mech) rsgangawane@aissmscoe.com NA
2 BHG Mr. B. H. Gade Attendant 18 Yrs B Com NA NA
3  RA Mr. R. S. Amolik Attendant 05Yrs NA rsamolik@aissmscoe.comNA NA