The following forefront areas have been identified to carry out the research studies:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Computer integrated manufacturing
  • Production systems management

Current Research:

  • 3D Deformation measurement using stereo-vision for deep drawing operation on universal testing machine: Phenomena of development of surface cracks during stamping operations of sheet metal parts as to be studies by stereo-correlation. By Prof Diwakar H Joshi and Prof Yogesh Chandwade
  • Evaluation and Development of Hybrid Machining Process, EDM and AJM: – Practical hybrid model and feasibility testing of EDM and AJM process is being carried out without use of dielectric fluid. By Prof Sandeepkumar H Wankhade
  • Factor Responsible for development of Incubation centres: The study of factors responsible for success and failures of Institutional and Industrial Incubation centres in India. By Prof Nitin G Shekapure
  • Design of class room furniture using anthropometric considerations for population of students in Maharashtra: The anthropometric data collection of population of engineering students in order to analyze and design a ergonomically correct bench desk for the said population. By Prof Sachin S Kallurkar, Prof Nitin G Shekapure and Prof Mandar A Kelkar
  • Ergonomics bed to reduce bedsores of bedridden patients: Design and manufacturing of bed for bedridden patient to prevent pressure Ulcer. By Prof Mohan L Chanpur
  • Bi-objective in elevator systems: Design, Manufacturing and Analysis of Bi-Objective elevator system using MATLAB and PLC. By Prof Yogita K Funde