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Events of Computer Departments are-

  1. Internet Treasure Hunt (CM-1)
  2. Game Challenge – PlayStation (CM-2)
  3. Code Debugging (CM-3)
Sr. No. Events (Code) Date and Time Venue Student Coordinator with Contact No. Faculty Coordinators
1 Internet Treasure Hunt



10 am


MS Team


Aditya Padhye 9145653249

Anushka Joshi: 7620817058

Dr. S V Athawale

Ms. A S Deokar

Mr. A M Jagtap

2 Game Challenge – PlayStation (CM-2) 29/09/2021

10 am



Google App

MS Team

Bhushan Shinde 9867323739

Pranali Gole 8805509518

Dr. S F Sayyad

Ms. D M Ujlambkar

Ms. S SKolte

3 Code Debugging (CM-3) 29/09/2021


10 am




MS Team

Amrit Kumar 8668210214

Bhaskar Soman 8698019457

Ms. V VWaykule

Mr. S G Dhengre

Mr. S SJadhav


Publicity and Campaigning Mr. A J Kadam
Ms. S J Pachouly
Ms. M M Swami
Inauguration, Google-form circulation and Accounting Ms. S R Nalamwar
Ms. M MPhadatare
Ms. Neha Rai


Overall Student Coordinator (Head): Mr. Siddhant Patil: 8888651115

Overall Student Coordinator (Co-Head): Ms. Aishwarya Bhoj: 7057126733


Bits-n-Bytes  Department Coordinator : Prof. N R Talhar

Event : Internet Treasure Hunt

Date: 29th Sept2021

 Event Code                  Event Name    Fees         Participation Type
Internet Treasure Hunt 50/-  Single
 Tagline : Let the game be ventured!


Event Description :   For this event, the website containing questions will be provided to all participants. They can use Internet to solve the questions. The questions are strictly technical and related to computer science. Every question’s answer will be the key to open next question. One who takes least time will be declared the winner. Participants will be tracked through Google forms. Links will be provided on the website.

Event Rules:

  1. A website link will be provided a minute prior to the event.
  2. The first question will be displayed. As soon as you get the answer to the particular question, fill it in the Google form link provided on the website as it will help in tracking.
  3. The answer will be the key to open the next question. Enter the answer in url as mentioned on the website. This url leads to the next question and follow the same process for all upcoming questions.
  4. Save all the answers you get as they will be needed for the final key.
  5. There will be 7 questions in all and final last step. One who finishes within speculated time will decide the winner.
  6. In case of a tiebreaker, a quiz will be conducted to decide the final winner.
  7. Googling is welcome, and will help you with finishing this treasure hunt in time. We’ve designed the questions accordingly.
  8. Duration – 1:30:00 hours

Event : Game Challenge

 Event Code Event Name Fees Participation Type
Game Challenge    50                Squad
Tagline: One Shot One Kill No Luck Only Skills.


Event Description:Holla Peeps!! For this event the game decided  is BGMI(Battlegrounds Mobile India).Basically if you want to know in short about the event we can say that there would be total 25 teams (depends on participation)and there would be three different matches with three different maps and on the basis of points the winner would be decided by our coordinators and accordingly prize pool would be allocated.

Further The Detail information about the rules and regulations also the basis on which the points would be allocated is mentioned.


Event Rules:

Date:29/09/21 Entry Fees: Rs.50/-Time :10 am 

Prizes: Winner Rs.5000/-          Runner Up Rs.3000/-   


Point Table
Rank 1 15 points Rank 8 1 points
Rank 2 12 points Rank 9 1 points
Rank3 10 points Rank 10 1 points
Rank4 8 points Rank 11 1 points
Rank5 6 points Rank 12 1 points
Rank6 4 points Rank 13 0 points
Rank7 2 points Rank 14 0 points
  1. Hacking or any other type of cheating practice will result in immediate disqualification.
  2. Participation in squad.
  3. Get your team registered through google forms and once you get registered you cannot change your team.
  4. Entry fee is Rs.50 per participate.
  5. The team which collects most points wins the prize.
  6. In order of point clash-
  7. Chicken Dinner will be prioritized.
  8. Second comes the skills, team with more kills win.
  9. Third priority is individual player kills in that team

7.There Would Be 25 Teams In Total.

  • There Would be 3 matches with 3 different Maps.
  • The Team which secures more points will Grab the Prize Pool.

8.In Case If There Are More Than 25 Teams the rules would be in this manner:

  • Both Teams Would Be Divided Into 2 Groups Suppose A and B respectively.
  • Among the both the team that secured the highest points would be won.
  • Also There Would be 2 host in this case. Moreover,all the matches between both the teams would be played at the same time.

9.Point Calculation Would Be In This Format:

  • 1 Kill = 1 point
  • Total Points = Ranking Points + Total Team Kills.

10.FIRST PRIZE POOL- Rs 5000/-

  • RUNNER UP-Rs 3000\-



Event :Code-Debugging

Event Code Event Name Fees Participation Type
Code-Debugging 50/-             Single
Tagline : help jack to crack the code


Event Description:

In this event, anyone can participate having knowledge of C++, Java and python.

So this event contains two following competitive rounds.

  • Kahoot quiz
  • Competitive coding

Respective rounds will separately take place.

And In both rounds take place in two sets

  • for FE and SE students
  • for TE and BE students

Competitive round will be taken on hacker rank.

The Competition is paid having registration fee 50 Rs.

Event Rules:

  1. Participants must register their names before 29th September 2021.
  2. Registration Fees i are 50 Rs /- only.
  3. Students should participate as individual members.
  4. This event is open for all.
  5. Basic languages – C++, Java, and python.
  6. The event is classified into two sets as
  • Set A for FE, SE
  • Set B for TE, BE
  1. The event is organized for two days
  • Day 1 – Code debug Round
  • Day 2 – Coding Round
  1. The winner will get the price and all the participants will get the certificate of participation.

Event Co-ordinator:

Faculty Coordinator :-

Sr. No. Name Contact No Email ID
1. Mrs. V V Waykule 7709109289
2. Mr. S S Jadhav 7276086742
3. Mr. S G Dhengre 9960403909


Student Coordinator :-

Sr. No. Name Year & Shift Roll No Mobile No Email ID
1. Amrit Kumar BE 1 18CO004 8668210214
2. Bhaskar Soman TE 2 19CS054 8698019457


Student Volunteer :-

Sr. No. Name Year & Shift Roll No Mobile No.
1. Pratik Pingale TE 1 19CO056 9075715518
2. Sanjana Phand SE 2 20CO096 8767389283
3. Darshan Tholiya SE 2 20CO133 8600620826
4. Rajnish Kumar Singh SE 2 20CO101 7891658166
5. Shraddha Wagh SE 2 20CO139 9404633446
6. Gaurav Mande SE 1 20CO069 9011887367
7. Mangesh Kadam SE 1 20CO046 9146748563
8. Shreyas Khandale SE 2 20CO127 8010890474