• CAD/CAM Systems
  • Production Management
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Tool Engineering

At present, there are four Laboratories, equipped to perform all the experiments as per University curriculum and also useful for students undergraduate level projects. Faculty is also using these laboratories for their research work.  In its long term goals the Department plans to have new labs for Automobile Engineering, Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering & PG Research Lab in near future.

CAD/CAM Systems

   Major Equipments
1)C.N.C.(tmw 200) lathe along with toolingSoftware &PCs

  1. Unigraphics mfg. bundle 10 nos and (femap +nastran) 5 nos.and factory cad-2 nos. and factory flow-02 nos.and emplant- 02 nos.
  2. Computer software autodesk inventor professional educ. license (03nos)
  3. Desktop Computer (44 nos.)
  4. Engineering Analysis software Ansys 17.0 (25 Users)
  5. Delcam (CAM Simulation software 20 Seats)
  6. Creo 3.0 (CADD Software 25 Seats)

 Production Management

Major Equipments
1) Relay testing machine(01nos)
2) Data acquistion system (32 channel input/output make :adcantec)Software &PCs
1) Wipro personal computer (15 nos.)
2) Systat statistical software -version 12

Robotics and Automation

DSC_1407 major equipments
1)Set up for mechatronics system using components, sensors, actutaors & microcontroller (bottle filling plant) & plc programming kit.
2) Robotic arm system
a) Six axis robot arm
b) Servo power supply
c) Ultrasonic range finder
d) Flexiforce sensor
e) Colour sensor evaluation kit

 Tool Engineering

Major Equipments
1) Lathe tool dynamometer & control Pannel
2) Drill tool dynamometer & control Pannel
3) Various types of cutting tools, Clamping devices, nuts, drill bushes etc.
4) Edm demo setup-2 specimen electrodes with tool holders , fully charged
dielectric tank, mosfet controller with training on the system
5) Single spindle automat(chuck type)Software &PCs