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As the students are now geared to explore the vast ocean that invariably allures them and have gamut of rainbows to be colored, we too as the department also have certain specific Vision & Missions to be accomplished in the precincts of the department.


Impart students with pre-requisites of technical knowhow’s to expedite as an emerging engineer



1.       Embed  crucial thinking and analytical reasoning ability required by respective disciplines
2.       Cultivate students to deal with stress and anxiety imposed by academics and social milieu
3.       Nurture students to emulate and inculcate the  judicious nature demanded by the multifaceted world


Short Term Department Goals:
  1. Modernization of Laboratories
  2. Improvement in University Results
  3. Emphasis of ICT for improvisation of Teaching –Learning Methodology
  4. Strengthening Collaborative Research across various Institutes, Colleges, Industries, etc
  5. Motivating all the PG faculty for pursuing PhD


Long Term Department Goals:
  1. Development of e-classrooms
  2. Promote every student to higher class
  3. Embed the quest for gaining more knowledge amongst faculty
  4. Resource generation through Consultancy & Research
  5. Comprise of Counseling and Mentoring Cell for students & faculty