Research Activities

Current Research Topics:

  • Robotics
  • Algorithms
  • Privacy Preservation (Data Mining)
  • Solid State Material
  • Complex Chemistry
  • Solar Energy
  • Geotechnical Engineering

Ongoing Research Projects:

The research project received research grants from the University of Pune.

Name of the Principal


Title of the Project Cost of the Project in lacs Partially Funded By
G.P. Lohar Investigation of Single Cylinder Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engine with a Novel Mechanism 5.0 College Of Engineering Pune
Dr N N Shejwal Effect of Amino acids on thiuorea metal complexes nonlinear optical crystals 2.1 BCUD, SP University of Pune
Dr. V. N. Patil Reinforced flyash slope using different geosynthetics. 2.0 BCUD, SP University of Pune
P. P. Vast Performance Improvement of Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna with Polarization and Pattern Diversity 1.0
S J. Pachouly Providing automated data Security approach in public cloud based on ID-RDPC (Identity based Remote Data Possession Checking) 0.39 BCUD, SP University of Pune


Other Projects :

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Topic
1. Dr. S. T. Gawhale Synthesis and complexation of different calixarenes with transition metals in acidic and basic medium
2. Prof Almas Ambreen Mismatched uncertainty strategies for Industrial Mechatronic  Drives Unit
3. Dr. V. N. Patil Experimental investigations on strength and stability of reinforced embankments made from pozzolanic materials
4. Dr. N. N. Shejwal Influence of amino acids on metal complexes crystals
5. Dr.S.K.Upasani,Dr.M.S.Deshpande,Dr.S.P.Danao Design, development, fabrication and evaluation of solar dryer for leafy vegetables
6. Dr. M. S. Deshpande Synthesis of a new antituberculosis drug


In-house research project: 
Design, fabrication and Development of Solar Drying system for Green Leafy Vegetable:

Solar Drying system for Green Leafy Vegetable