First Year Engineering Faculty

Sr. No. Photo Name Designation Experience Qualification Email-id Profile
Teaching Industry
1 Mr. V. R. Patil Head, FIRST YEAR ENGINEERING Department 19 Years 1 Years ME(Mechanical), Ph.D.(Pursuing) vrpatil@aissmscoe.com   Profile
2 Prof. Dr. M. K. Nikam Associate professor 18 Years M. Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D., SET (Maths.) mknikam@aissmscoe.com Profile
3 Prof. Dr. S. K. Upasani Associate Professor 18 Years M. Sc., Ph.D.(Physics) skupasani@aissmscoe.com Profile
4 Prof. Dr. D. V. Nighot Associate Professor 21 Years M. Sc., B. Ed, Ph. D. (Chemistry) dvnighot@aissmscoe.com Profile
5 Dr. N. N. Shejwal Assistant Professor 21 Years M. Sc., Ph. D. (Physics), ADCSSAA nnshejwal@gmail.com Profile
6 Mr. S. P. Bhosale Assistant Professor 25 Years BE(Electronics), ME(Electronics) spbhosale@aissmscoe.com Profile
7 Mr. V. V. Kulkarni Assistant Professor 18 Years 2.3 Years BE(Electrical), ME(Power System) vvkulkarni@aissmscoe.com Profile
8 Mr. P. R. Ahir Assistant Professor 22 Years BE (Electronics) prahir@aissmscoe.com Profile
9 Dr. A. B. Patil Assistant Professor 16 Years M. Sc., B. Ed., SET(Mathematics) abpatil@aissmscoe.com Profile
10 Mr. A. B. Thakare Assistant Professor 16 Years M.Sc. (Mathematics) abthakare@aissmscoe.com Profile
11 Dr. S. A. Virkar Assistant Professor 06 Years M. Sc., Ph.D.(Physics) savirkar@aissmscoe.com Profile
12 Dr. P. A. Nagawade Assistant Professor 05 Years M.Sc., NET (Chemistry), Ph.D.(Chemistry) panagawade@aissmscoe.com Profile
13 Mr. Y.B. Karandikar Assistant Professor 09 Years 06 Years M.Tech(IIT Bombay) ybkarandikar@aissmscoe.com Profile
14 Mr. P. G.  Kokare Assistant Professor 12 Years 04 Years BE(Mechanical), ME(Design) pgkokare@aissmscoe.com Profile
15 Ms. P. R. Satarkar Assistant Professor 08 Years 03 Years BE(Civil), ME(Structure) prsatarkar@aissmscoe.com Profile
16 Ms. S. S. Bhumiyan Assistant Professor 08 Years 01 Years BE(Civil), ME(Structure), Ph.D.(Pursuing) ssbhuinyan@aissmscoe.com Profile
17 Mr. Y. R. Chandwade Assistant Professor 8.8 Years BE(Production), M.Tech(Production) yrchandwade@aissmscoe.com Profile
18 Mrs. M. A. D’Cruz Assistant Professor 06 Years ME (Structures) madcruz@aissmscoe.com Profile
19 Mrs. S. B. Patil Assistant Professor 4 Years ME Civil (C & M) sbpatil@aissmscoe.com Profile
20 Mrs. A. M. Shete Assistant Professor 2.5 Years BE(Civil), M.Tech(Civil) amshete@aissmscoe.com Profile
21 Ms. S. M. Mangalekar Assistant Professor Profile
22 Ms. S. S. Ayare Assistant Professor 02 Years M.E.(I.T.) ssayare@aissmscoe.com Profile
23 Ms. A. S. Ghorpade Assistant Professor 02 Years ME (computer) aradhanaghorpade@gmail.com Profile
24 Ms. Almas Ambreen Assistant Professor 02 Years ME (Power Electronics and Drive) aambreen@aissmscoe.com Profile
25 Mrs. B. S. Bobdey Assistant Professor 4.5 Years BE(Electrical),

ME(Power System)

bsbobdey@aissmscoe.com Profile
26 MS. B. U.Patil Assistant Professor 02 Years BE(E&TC), M.Tech(Electronics) bupatil@aissmscoe.com Profile
27 Mr. S. T. Gade Assistant Professor 05 Years ME Mechnical(Design Engineering) stgade@aissmscoe.com Profile
28 Mr. S. S. Patil Assistant Professor 04 Years ME Mechanical(Design Engineering) sspatil@aissmscoe.com Profile
29 Mr. S. S. Khasbage Assistant Professor 2.5 Years ME (Automative Engineering) sskhasbage@aissmscoe.com Profile
30 Dr. V.S. Kalyani Assistant Professor 09 Years M.Sc (Chemistry), Ph.D vskalyani@aissmscoe.com Profile
31 Mrs. S. G. Wani Assistant Professor 1.5 Years M.Sc.(Chemistry), SET sgwani@aissmscoe.com Profile
32 Ms. M. S. Nikam Assistant Professor 02 Years B.Sc, M.Sc(Maths) mamtanikam3@gmail.com Profile
33 Ms. S. A. Jadhav Assistant Professor 1.6 Years M.Sc.(Math) sajadhav@aissmscoe.com Profile
34 Mr. S. T. Surase Assistant Professor 02 Years M.Sc.(Maths), NET sudhirmath777@gmail.com Profile
35 Mr. G. A. Nimgire Assistant Professor 02 Years M.Sc.(Maths),


ganimgire@aissmscoe.com Profile
36 Ms. S. P. Kale Assistant Professor Profile