Students achievement (Academics):

University Rankers List:

Sr. No. Name of student Year Class Rank
1 RIGVED KELKAR 2015-16 BE 8th
2 RAHUL GAIKWAD 2013-14 BE 9th
3 AKSHAY SALUNKE 2013-14 TE 5th
5 RIGVED KELKAR 2013-14 SE 2nd


Students achievement (Sports and cultural)

Sr. No. Name of student Event name Event organized by Rank
1 Sudarshan Dahiphale David Trophy Univ Of Pune 4
2 Vinayak Chavan David trophy Univ of pune 4
3 Ketan Kasar Melange trophy,

Zest, Wadia, Rajveer

Univ of Pune 1
4 Shubham Kiley David trophy Univ of pune 4
5 Bhagyesh Patil
Utkarsh Shinde
6 Utkarsh Shinde Best player of the tournament, ZEST’16 COEP
7 Suraj Jadhav
Dayasagar Meshram
MIT  SUMMIT(Kabbadi)
& Rannagan’ 15 organised by TSSM COE ,Narhe


  1. Suraj Jadhav from TE class became captain of the college Kabaddi team.
  2. Indrajit Dhumal , Ketan Kasar, Shubham Kitte, Vinayak Chavan and Sudarshan Dahiphale are the part of the college team for Cricket.
  3. Dhanuja Jadhav from TE was selected at the University level for HANDBALL team

SAE and BAJA events:
Mayur Jain from TE represented department in the BAJA activities for all terrain vehicle development.

Cultural achievements:
Rashmi Bade from TE had participated in the Firodiya Karandak competition.

Faculty achievements:

Workshop/Conference/seminar attended by faculty:

  1. Dr.A.A.Godbole, Prof S.K.Biradar, Prof.V.V.Kulkarni and Prof.V.N.Tarange participated in SPPU syllabus revision workshop for SE Electrical at Zeal College of Engineering Pune on 4 April 2016
  2. Dr.A AGodbole published paper on “Chopper Based Closed Loop Speed Control Of DC Motor” at International Conference on Computing, Communication, Electrical, Electronics, Devices and Signal. Processing (CCEEDS) March 2015.
  3. Dr.A.A.Godbole published paper on “Design and Performance Analysis of Linear Synchrounous Motor for EMALs” Institution of Engineer Journal Pune local chapter, vol29 Nov. 2015
  4. Dr.A.A. Godbole published paper on “Z source Inverter fed Induction Motor” at Electrical India vol 55,No12 Dec.2015
  5. Dr V.N.Gohokar published paper on “Recent Developments in Distance Protection of Compensated Transmission Lines” Conference ICPC2015 by IEEE
  6. DR.V.N.Gohokar and Prof.M.H.Dhend presented paper on “Adaptive, Cognitive and Innovative Tools & Techniques for improving Learning Performance: A Case Study” at 2014 IEEE International Conference on MOOC, Innovation and Technology in Education (MITE) Dec.2014.
  7. Dr.V.N.Gohokar and Ms. S.S. Ballpure presented paper on “Data Integration in Smart Distribution Grid Using LED ”, at International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Engineering Trends, Communication, Optimization and Sciences 2015
  8. Prof. M. H. Dhend attended international conference on Innovative Scheme For Smart Grid Distribution SCADA System” at IEEE PEL Society, Taipai, Taiwan during 1-4 Nov. 2015.
  9. Prof. Mrs. Mangal H. Dhend attended a IEEE International conference on Smart Grid at Bangkok, Thailand in November 2015
  10. Prof. Mrs. Mangal H. Dhend was selected for IEEE Zucker travel award by IAS Chapter of IEEE, USA for attending annual meeting and International conference at Dallas, Texas, USA in October 2015.
  11. Prof M.H.Dhend published paper “Role of Smart metering in smart Grid” at Cyber Times International Journal of Technology and Management Sept.2014.
  12. Prof M.H.Dhend published paper “Harmonics measurement and mitigation in VFD: case study of Industry” at Cyber International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication” IJRITCC Feb.2015.
  13. Prof Mrs A A Apte presented paper on “Study of sensorless control algorithms for a permanent magnet synchronous motor vector contro drive”, at International Conference on Industrial Instrumentation and Control (ICIC), May 2015 held at COEP Pune sponsored by IEEE.
  14. Prof Mrs A A Apte presented paper on “Simulation of a permanent magnet synchronous motor using Matlab-Simulink”, at Annual IEEE India Conference (INDICON), 11-13 Dec. 2013
  15. Prof Mrs. A A Apte presented paper on “Speed control of PMSM using Disturbance Observer ” at4th International conference on Advances in Control and Optimization of Dynamical systems ACODS 2016 held at NIT Trichy on 1-5 Feb 2016.
  16. Prof.Mrs.P.Sankla published paper on “Modeling and Simulation of Three Phase Brushless DC Motor Using Model Reference Adaptive Controller” at International Journal of Inventions in Computer Science and Engineering 2014.
  17. Prof.Mrs.P.Sankla published paper on “New Approaches for Harmonic Reduction Using Cascaded H-Bridge and Level Modules” at INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INNOVATIONS IN ENGINEERING RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY [IJIERT] 2015.
  18. Prof.Mrs.M.A.Vagha published paper “A Novel Approach for Battery Balancing” at INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONICS AND COMPUTER SYSTEMS 2015.
  19. Prof.Mrs.M.A.Vagha published paper “ADesign and Implementation of Multilevel Inverter with Battery Harmonizing ” at INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED RESEARCH IN ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONICS AND INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERING June 2015.
  20. Prof.S.K.Biradar, Prof V.V. Kulkarni and Prof S.Y.Chavan attended two days workshop on Arduino at IIT Bombay on 3-4 July 2015.
  21. Dr.V.N.Gohokar attended two days workshop at IISC Banglore on Intel Galilio.
  22. Dr.A.A.Godbole and Prof. A.A.Apte attended 4 days winter school on Control and Dynamical system at IIT Gandhinagar from 24-27 Jan 2016.
  23. Prof. S.R.Lengde and Prof.V.N.Tarange attended 6 days workshop on PLC SCADA and HMI at Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering Pune from 18-23 Jan 2016.
  24. Prof. V.N.Tarange , Prof. M.A.Vagha and Prof S.S.Ballarpure attended 1 day workshop on Harmonics in Industrial Power Systems at AISSMS IOIT by IEEE DL series 23 Nov.2015.
  25. Prof. V.N.Tarange, Prof.M.A.Vagha, Prof. S.S.Balapure and Prof.Simeen Mujawar attended 1 day workshop on Electrical Testing and Diagnostics of Induction Machines at PVG’COET pune by IEEE DL series 18 Nov.2015.
  26. Dr.A.A.Godbole and Prof A.A.Apte attended two weeks STTP on Control system organized by IIT Kharagpur under Mission Ten2K at PVG’s COET Pune.