Dr. Mrs. Mangal Dhend from Electrical Engineering Department of AISSMS College of Engineering is adopting new methods, tools, techniques and strategies in her day to day instruction delivery and her students always support enthusiastically in her mission.  She conducted two sessions in UGC-HRDC FDP on “Advanced Pedagogy for Empowering Teachers” taken place in SPP University under the auspicious scheme of Pandit Madam Mohan Malviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching. Engineering college teachers from all over Maharashtra have attended this FDP designed and coordinated by her and organized by our center of excellence which is coordinated by only. Our institute is taking lots of efforts to mentor nearby institutes in accreditation.

Dr. Mrs. Dhend in her first session on “Designing Outcome Based Instruction Plan” focused need of transforming average teacher to excellent teacher, from teacher to facilitator by transforming instruction environment, instruction methodology, instruction aids, instruction material, and outcome based design. She explained how those transformations can happen through demonstrations and revising the other sessions conducted in this FDP by experts in the education area.

In other sessions on “Inventory of Tools & Techniques for enhancing course outcome and learning outcome” she presented her own case studies of last few years. The highlighted the effectiveness of “Portfolio” assessment tool as mentioned in new NBA norms and presented how continuous assessment based on portfolio using rubrics can involve four dimensions of assessment as knowledge, skills, behaviors, values and attitude. She also discussed effective ideas, hints, suggestions used by her on how to execute all those latest tools, technology and techniques to fulfill the objectives of outcome based education. Her both sessions were well appreciated by participants. She presented some glimpses of her student’s activities.