Anti Ragging

(As per AICTE regulation on curbing the menace of Ragging in Higher Educational institutions 2009, hereinafter called the “Regulations”) What is Ragging? “Any Conduct  whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the  effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness any other student, indulging in rowdy or undisciplined activities which causes or is likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof  in a fresher or a junior  student or asking the students to do any act or perform something which such  student will not in the ordinary course and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect  the physique or psyche of a fresher or junior student.”

Ragging is a Social Crime. As per above referred AICTE “Regulations”, Ragging is strictly prohibited in the College Campus as well as outside the College Campus. All students are hereby informed not to indulge in any kind of Ragging activity either directly or indirectly. A strict action as per AICTE “Regulations” will be taken.

  • For Senior Student:

The senior student should note that they should not engage themselves in any kind of Ragging activity inside as well as outside of College Campus. Strict action as per above” AICTE “Regulations” will be taken against them if anybody is found indulging in Ragging activity.


(B) For all Students & Parents / Guardians:

All the students and their Parents/Guardians should carefully read and fully understand the provisions contained in the said AICTE “Regulations” (Copy of the said “Regulations” is available in student section office). All the students and their Parents/Guardian should submit the Affidavits along with the Admission form at the time of Payment of fees. The student who fails to submit the Affidavit will not be granted admission in the College.


AISSMS’S COE ensures Zero Tolerance towards Sexual Harassment

Zero Tolerance towards sexual Harassment is a violation of women’s right to equality, life and liberty. It creates an insecure and hostile work environment. College has Internal complaints committee for creating awareness on this topic and on receipt of a written complaint it will initiate proceedings as per the guideline.

Sexual Harassment at workplace ( Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal ) Act, 2013 defines sexual harassment as-

  1. Unwanted physical contact and advances Uninvited demand or request for sexual favors.
  2. Unwanted sexually coloured remarks. Unwelcome display of pornography.
  3. Anyother unwelcome physical, verbal or nonverbal conduct of a sexual nature.

On receipt of written complaint further actions in the matter will be taken by College as per procedure given in Sexual Harassment at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.


Campus Rules and Code of Conduct For Students

Every student of the College shall conduct himself /herself in a disciplined manner both inside and outside the campus. He/She is expected to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the college.


General Rules

  • Ragging/harassment in any form is banned in the campus.
  • Student must be regular in attendance for theory and practical classes, In case the

attendance falling short of 75% for theory and 100% for practical, term will not be granted.

  • Students must put-on college I-Card every day, failing to do so will invite disciplinary action / fine.
  • Student must attend the College in uniform on the specified days (Monday and Thursday). Apart from the two week days, the Dress Code has to be following on all official occasions including annual function, placement related programmes, special lectures, industrial visit, exam period etc. Students should come to the class room in a decent and presentable attire.
  • Mobile phones should be switched off during lecture hour and on ‘Silent mode’ in the Institute premises.
  • Student should park their vehicles in the student parking space only.
  • Use of Internet for the purpose other than academic related activities is banned.
  • Students should read the notice board every day.
  • Smoking and use of alcohol/drugs strictly prohibited within the campus.
  • Students shall not cause damage of property or financial loss to the college. In the event the college suffers any damage or loss, financial or otherwise, the concerned student will be liable for compensation of such lose.
  • Writing on class room walls, desk, benches, door, toilet wall or pasting of posters on the wall are strictly banned.
  • Students should use Dustbins to throw any kind of wastage, papers etc. and help the College in keeping the campus neat & clean.

(C) Anti Ragging Committee and Anti Ragging Squad
The following Committee and Squad are formed at College level to effectively look into the ragging cases and to monitor the activities’ of the students inside as well as outside the College Campus.

Anti-Ragging Committee:

Sr No Name Designation Post Contact Number
1 Dr D S Bormane Principal Chairman
2 Shri Suresh P Shinde Businessman Civil administration
3 Shri M M Mujawar  P I Ex Officer Member 020-26208226


4 Mrs Menakshi Gurav Reporter, Sakal Papers Ltd,Pune Media  Member 9689961662
5 Dr D V Nighot Associate Professor in First Yearl Department Member 9422339320
6 Mrs Kalyani Santh Assistant Professor in Civl Engineering Department Member 9011116974
7 Mrs Kavita Vinay Deshpande Parent Representative Member 9552986134
8 Mr Kale Local Citizen Member 8208479836
9 Student : Fresher Member
10 Student : GS Member
11 Shri A B Bhonsle Administrative Officer Member 9422083314


* Every year appointed as per their availability. Anti Ragging Squad

Sr.No. Name Designation Post Contact Number
01 Dr D V Nighot Associate Professor and Head, First of Engineering Chairman 9422339320
02 Dr R D Nalawade Assistant  Professor in Civil Engineering Department Member 9422084987
03 Mrs S H Lawate Assistant  Professor in E & TC  Engineering Department Member 8888949191
04 Mrs  V N Tarange Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering Department Member 9762171422
05 Shri A B Bhonsle Administrative Officer Member 9422083314
06 Dr. M M Kondhare Physical Director Member 9881294721


The students can contact the Committee Members at any time on the mobile numbers, if any incident of Ragging is observed by them.

(D) For Fresher Student:
The fresher student can contact any of the Committee Member or the Principal at any time, if anybody tries to do Ragging with them. The Fresher student should desist from doing anything against their will even if ordered by the seniors. They should immediately contact the Office or any of the Anti Ragging Committee Member and report the incident immediately. The College will take stringent action against the senior student involved in Ragging .The fresher’s should not fear of any action and should not tolerate any kind of atrocities of seniors students.

The Fresher students can also contact the General Student Association (GSA) Committee members for participation in various College level Technical, Cultural, Sports & other activities.

The Academic Calendar of the various Academic and other activities to be held in the College is enclosed.

College Contact Numbers:

Office (Direct) –  (020) 26058342
(020) 26058587, 26057660
Ext.  No. –  1101, 1105, 1103
Fax No. –  (020) 26058943