Industry Institute Interaction

BLOGS of Industry Institute Interaction Cell

Under the leadership of Principal Dr. D S Bormane, AISSMS COE Pune in support with Management, an Industry Institute Interaction cell was established. Every department implements various programs/activities in conjunction with the departmental coordinator, HOD, and Central III Coordinator, Dr. P B Nangare, in order to provide students and faculty with industrial exposure.

From Academic Year 2017-18, the College has had an Industry Institute Interaction Cell. The Cell’s mission is to foster closer collaboration between academic and industrial fields. The Industry Institute Interaction Cell was formed to improve relations with industries.

The cell’s goal is to identify the gap between industry needs and the institute’s end product. The cell serves as a link between industry, real life, and the institute.Industries should keep up with the latest innovations and technologies in their fields and execute projects that sustain a technologically driven economy.

According to records from the previous three years, the college hosted 198 industrial visits, 336 expert talks from industry, 158 projects sponsored by industry, 108 Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) signed by the college in support with industry, 31 faculty members obtained industrial training, 1281 students participated in internship programs/in-plant training in industry, and 88 workshops/conferences. In college, 17 student chapters/professional bodies were established.


Dr. P B Nangare
III Coordinator