Industry Institute Interaction

Industrial Visits Conducted:

Sr. No. Department Class Industry Name and Address Date of visit
1 Computer Engineering


SE CDAC,Pune 03/09/2018
2 BE-II & SE-II Bhau Institute of Innovation Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Pune. 21/09/2018
3 BE-I & II ISRO and HAL, Banglore. 03 /01/2019
4 TE-I Kasnet Solutions Pvt,  Pune 15/01/2019
5 SE-II CodeKul Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune. 21/01/2019
6 TE-I IDIDA Applus, Pune. 21/01/2019
7 TE-II CodeKul Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune. 21/01/2019
8 TE-I PHN Technology Pvt Ltd 18/03/2019
9 SE-II Rehtec Solutions 05/04/2019


Expert Lectures Delivered By Industry Experts:

Sr. No. Dept Class Name of Expert and Industry Designation Topic Date
1.   Comp


SE-II Mr Shrikant Borude

Netscoout systems,Pune

Software Engineer Linked List 28/08/2018
2. TE-II Mr .Sandesh Borade ,

Invoent IT Solution,Pune

Software Engineer Data warehousing and BI 28/08/2018
3. BE Mr Pranav Sharma Software Engineer Artificial Intelligence 29/06/2018
4. SE-I Mr Shrikant Borude

Netscoout systems,Pune

Software Engineer Template OOP’s Concept 28/08/2018
5. SE-I


Mr Yogesh Range, Chopra’s Pvt Ltd. Pune Software Engineer Higher Studies 26/07/2018
6. BE -I Mr Rahul Ahire


Corporate Trainer &Project Consultant Current Trends in IT 17/07/2018
7. BE-II Mr Rahul Ahire


Corporate Trainer & Project Consultant Distributed Systems 31/07/2018
8. TE-I Ms .Divya Tanna Software Engineer Software Testing 03/07/2018
9. TE-I Mr Srinivasu Borusu Software Engineer Big Data 05/10/2018
10. BE-I Mr Garima Khera Software Engineer Big Data 05/10/2018
11. BE-II Mr Shardul Jadhav Project Manager Knowledge sharing Cyber Security 09/01/2019
12. TE-I  TE-II Mr . Aditya Gupta Software Engineer Distributed Systems 18/01/2019
13. TE -I TE-II Mr.Paras Shaha Security Analyst Security Trends 25/01/2019
14. BE -I BE- II Mr.Pranav Sharma Principal Data Analyst AI Advancements and Data Science 29/06/2018
15. TE-II Mr. John Bhore CEO Software Testing 30/1/2019
16. BE-II Mr Rahul Ahire Corporate Trainer &Project Consultant Data Science 25/01/2019
17. TE-II Mr Rahul Ahire Corporate Trainer & Project Consultant Current trends in IT industry 25/01/2019
18 BE-I Mr Javare &




Process Executive Machine Learning,AI 24/10/2018


MOU Signed With Industry:

Sr. No. Department Name of Industry Date  of  MoU Signed
1. Computer Engineering Invoent IT Solutions Pvt Ltd,Pune 09/07/2018
2. CodeKul Pvt Ltd 15/11/2018
3. ME  Layer ,Pune 23/02/2019


Students Undergone In-Plant Training And (Or) Internship Programme:

Sr. No. Department Industry Total No of students undergone Industrial Training Duration


Computer Engineering Ace The Power Of 5,Pune 01 22/08/2018-


2. Techlead Solutions ,Pune 01 07/06/2018 -30/08/2018
3. Financial Fitness,Pune 02 11/06/2018-11/07/2018


Workshops/Seminars/Conferences/Courses Conducted With Industry Support/Collaboration:

Sr.No. Department Title of the Programme Name of Industry Type of Support/ Name & Designation of Expert
1. Computer Engineering Industry Orientation and Expectations from fresher Engineer  



Mr. Aditya Gupta

Associate Manager

2. Operating System


IRT Technologies,Pune Workshop

Mr. Kazi

Software Engineer


List Of DAC (Department Advisory Committee) Members From Industry:

Sr. No. Department Name of Member of DAC Committee Designation Industry Name & Address
1. Computer Dr. Bhushan Kelkar,


Director MoebiuSutra Consulting Pvt Ltd
2. Dr. Ashok Deshpande Adjunct Professor Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley California USA.

Bioinformatics: University of Pune(UoP)

3. Dr. Parag Kulkarni Founder , Chief Scientist ,CEO, Visiting Professor EKLaT Research & iknowlation Research Labs Pvt Ltd


Memberships Of professional Bodies:

Sr. No. Department Name of Professional Body Membership Type
1. Computer Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) Life(8)
2. Computer Society of India(CSI) Life(1)

Yearly (3)

3. Institute of Engineer(IE) Life (3)


Any Other Activities To Promote Interaction With Industries:

Sr. No. Department Name of Activity Remark
1. Computer Industry Institute Interaction meet was arranged on 16/03/2019. Around 25 industry representatives participated in meeting.