The AISSMS College of Engineering has developed a new curriculum called 'WATER AND WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT COURSE'. The course aims to develop professionals in the area of water and wastewater management and to acquaint students with its practical applications. Water is an important resource. Used water generates wastewater. The wastewater contains a wide variety of organic and inorganic substances, such as human waste, chemicals, oils, leftover food, and others. Household wastewater and industrial wastewater aggravate the sewer problem. The most significant threat to the quality of the water currently comes from industrial wastewater disposal. There are corrosives, toxic chemicals, and other harmful substances in this wastewater. When this wastewater is handled improperly, it can negatively impact the environment and even harm human health. Likewise, the disposal of sewage in municipal facilities can pose significant issues. All of these activities result in huge amounts of wastewater. Managing water and wastewater plays a crucial role in the environment and for every member of society, and therefore our society must take action on this issue. The demand for potable water will rise in response to the growth of the human population. Two of the most prevalent issues in the industry are inadequate skills and inefficient maintenance, which are addressed in this course. An AISSMS COE expert team collaborated with researchers and industrialists to develop a framework for the 'WATER AND WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT COURSE'. Our staff members have received training from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. German perspectives have been critical to building the course. This course will prepare participants with the knowledge, skills, and competencies required for success in the operation of water treatment plants. It will also provide formal certification to operatives in this area.


  1. The purpose of the program is to provide a new approach to wastewater management and to protect the environment. Water sources are contaminated by improper wastewater management, which poses a risk to human health and the environment. Throughout the country and across the globe, this has been a major issue, which requires actions suitable to the specific environmental circumstances and economy.
  2. This training program provides a comprehensive overview of current practices in wastewater management, focusing on industry-specific wastewater treatment. This program aims at developing students’ skills and entrepreneurial capabilities. Those interested in wastewater management, environmental protection and entrepreneurship are welcome to attend the course.

Program Outcomes (PO)

Upon completion of the certification program, the students will be able to:

  1. Water management knowledge: Apply the knowledge gained during the course in practice to the solution of complex water and wastewater problems.
  2. Problem analysis: Analyze industrial and societal wastewater problems.
  3. Solution development: Formulating solutions to wastewater problems and designing systems, processes, or components that address the specified needs while taking cultural, societal, and environmental aspects into consideration.
  4. Application of modern tools: Implement techniques, resources, and modern tools to complex water and wastewater management activities with an understanding of their limitations.
  5. Ecological and environmental sustainability: Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of wastewater management practices on society and the environment, and establish a need for sustainable development.
  6. Long-term learning: Understand the importance of, as well as possess the required preparation and abilities to engage in independent and lifelong learning in the water and wastewater management field.

Salient Features programmes

  • Prepare students for careers in the water management field by providing education and training in the treatment and recycling of wastewater.
  • Student workshops with industry-like equipment for the development of their skills, and a laboratory equipped with advanced analytical equipment
  • A well-trained staff obtained training from University of Stuttgart, Germany with innovative teaching and learning methods and a continuous assessment of student performance
  • Inform and introduce students to the various career opportunities available in the public and private sectors

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