Motivational Activities- Lockdown Period

So everyone is talking about LOCKDOWN, ECONOMY, VACCINE while talking about current affairs. But I want to talk about something different than all of these. The horrible situation outside makes it impossible for anyone to get out of the house. Everyone is disgusted sitting at home for four months straight and now we have to do continuous online lectures staying home. But we have been hearing a good idea since childhood. If the glass is half full of water, stay focused on the filled area without looking at the empty area.There is so much to do because you have so much time. The various departments of AISSMS COE are helping you moment by moment to teach you new things. Talking about EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES, the college always arranges different webinars in which mostly COMPUTER and ENTC departments are involved. Similarly different WORKSHOPS are also arranged.You know this, but there are many other things that most students don’t know.
In our college, many students run technical clubs whose work continues even during lockdown. ROBOTICS, DRONES, THINK TANK, CHEM-E-CAR, RESONANCE RACING in which mainly GO-KART and SUPRA, as well as GARUDASHWA, ENERGY AUDIT and CODIGO MADRID with is very beneficial for computer students.
Apart from studies, there are many other student clubs. Even in the lockdown, a large number of students are working. The cultural team of our college organizes different events. This gives ample space to the students even in lockdown. Those who love SINGING, PLAYING INSTRUMENTS and DANCING can make good use of the available time. Similarly, the college’s annual magazine team i.e. SHIVDARPAN is also working which publishes content created by the students throughout the year.Therefore, this is a golden opportunity for students who are interested in WRITING, SKETCH, PAINT, POETRY.
I would like to mention mainly the MEDIA DEPARTMENT of our college. It is the only department in the college that works every day even during the lockdown. The students of MEDIA DEPARTMENT have contributed in all fields from ONLINE EVENTS, WEBINARS to SOCIAL MEDIA of the college. And various activities done by the students are not only appreciated at college level but also are appreciated on the online social media platform. The intellectual, art, sports qualities of the students are always provided with opportunities on these platforms. There are also SEPARATE YOUTUBE pages of all sections of the college. There is also Official youtube page of aissms coe, whose operating and supervision is itself done by our subject teacher Mr. NITIN TALHAR sir.