Cultural facilities

The COVID-19 pandemic struck everyone and forced us to stop our routine activities and stay in our home. But instead of wasting this time, we carried out certain activities through the online platform to keep everyone positive and entertained. Here are all the details of each and every activity carried out by the cultural department.


  1. Quarantine’s Got Talent

Quarantine’s Got Talent was the first activity carried out in the lockdown period by the cultural department. The basic aim of this activity was to bring some positivity and enthusiasm among the students of our college. The activity included dance, art, acting, music and poetry. Students who were willing to participate sent their videos through a link provided and we showcased them on our college’s official cultural page on instagram. A total of 20 students participated in this activity. We have also created a short video of this activity to summarise it. The link for the same is:

  1. Unlock 2020

After Quarantine’s Got Talent, the unlock phase started and the routine life started taking pace. We also thought of carrying out another activity which will be unlocked for all the audience and not just for our college students. So the students of cultural department came up with Unlock 2020, where various activities like dance, singing, acting, art, instrumental, photography, videography and poetry were included. And also, we arranged a small Bollywood quiz competition, Unlock Your Movie Talent, so the ones who can’t participate in the talent show won’t feel left out. In all we got 380+ responses out of which we got 60+ for Unlock 2020 and 330+ for Unlock Your Movie Talent. We have uploaded a compilation of best of Unlock 2020 videos on both cultural department’s official instagram and youtube page. The link for the compilation is:

  1. Band Baaja Halad – YouTube Premiere

After an immense response for the talent showcase activities, we arranged a premiere of our one act comedy play, Band Bajaa Halad (बँड बाजा हळद) on 25th July 2020. This play was performed in September 2018 at various one act play competitions like Dajikaka Gadgil Karandak, Bharat Karandak and Vinodottam Karandak. This play has bagged several awards including Second Place in Vinodottam Karandak. The directors of this play, Pushkar Shinde and Neeraj Langhe also got awarded by Second Prize for Best Direction. Two of actors, Ashish Adhari and Shreya Vashikar got awarded with Consolation Prize for Acting in all the three competitions. The premiere got a huge response from the audience with 8700+ views on YouTube. The link for the same is provided below:

  1. Shab-E-Ranj – YouTube Premiere

Shab-E-Ranj, is a Hindi one act play based on the incident that took place in the Kashmir Valley and many KashmiriPandits were left without shelter. This play was premieredon 17th September 2020 on YouTube. This play was performed at the prestigious Firodiya Karandak in February 2019. Firodiya Karandak is a unique one act play competition wherein various art forms are performed live onstage like live music, dance, shadow art, uv art, sand art and many more performing arts. This play also bagged many awards. Abhishek Khedkar received First Prize-Mandolin. Shivani Patil and Pratik Lahane got First Prize – Radium Art. And Swapnil Sawant received First Prize – Solo Contemporary. This play also received a huge response from the audience with 3200+ views on YouTube. The link for the same is provided below: