AISSMS College of Engineering – Ideology – Industrial Experience Over Theoretical Studies

AISSMS College of Engineering:
Industrial Experience Over Theoretical Studies

Dr. D.S. Bormane
Principal, AISSMS COE

Merit is the measure to check the quality of education and today we proudly see our merit increasing significantly; this isn’t a one-day achievement but a result of consistent efforts each day since the establishment. When we say that we ensure quality education to be given at AISSMS College of Engineering, our experienced and a stable faculty plays a central role in accomplishing this idea. Established in 1992, today we have 10,000+ alumni working on national as well as international level.

Efforts to Boost Student’s Potential

At AISSMS COE we strive hard to inculcate all the skills prerequisite in every student and try to bring out their true potentials according to their capacities. For this, we have various clubs formed under the banner RESONANCE RACING. These clubs provide necessary infrastructures and mentoring to the learners.

“We firmly believe that qualification is not the only factor, but some real knowledge is what matters, even more, when a student steps out of any college in the professional world. For this to happen it is very important for a student to be an all-rounder.”

Dr. D.S. Bormane


The Perfect Blend of Theory Knowledge with Practical Expertise 

Along with the regular teaching-learning routine, project-based learning is what we offer at AISSMS COE. The complete experience from creating a mere on paper design to making an actual model, 100% support is provided to the students by the faculty as well as the society.

AISSMS COE backs the idea of real-time exposure to the technology and hands-on experience, right from the time the student begins the course. Concentrated programs are designed to make the students corporate ready. ‘Sandwich courses’ are one of the initiatives where students interact directly with the industries for an entire year with an initiative to make the student more capable and employable.


Towards Professionalism

Along with the internships and competitions, numerous extra-curricular activities are focused upon to build not just an engineer but an individual with an outstanding personality ready to compete in the professional world. AISSMS COE believes that nurturing lifelong learning skills is as important as theoretical education. Students are mentored to prepare a resume that makes them not just an employable candidate but also a respectable professional. Furthermore, students here are also encouraged to develop their entrepreneurial abilities.

Creating All Rounders

All these energies collaterally are invested just to make sure that an AISSMS College of Engineering student stands out from the crowd. There are hundreds of challenges faced by the management and the teaching faculty on a regular basis in this process. But the institute members work tirelessly every day with the ultimate aim of holistic development of the students.  & when these students are in their final years it is just matter of time that the recruiters officiate students’ placements in their companies.


AISSMS College of Engineering – Ideology – Industrial Experience Over Theoretical Studies