Print journals and Magazine

Library is subscribing following print journals for various Engineering Departments

Sr. No.  Title Of Journals & Magazines
1 Indian Journal of Computer and Internet Security
2 Indian Journal of Networks and Applications
3 Indian Journal of Image Processing and Technique
4 Indian Journal of Neural Networks and Techniques
5 Indian Journal of Soft Computing Processing and Technique
6 Indian Journal of Advance Networking and Computer Engineering
7 Asian Journal Of Water Environment & Pollution
8 Indian Concrete Journals
9 Journal Of Structural Engineering
10 Indian Journal of Structural Engineering and Technology
11 Indian Journal of Surveying and Structural Engineering
12 Indian Journal of Advanced Civil Engineering
13 Indian Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology Research
14 Indian Journal of Structural Design & Construction
15 Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering
16 Construction World
17 Master Builder
18 Indian Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing Science
19 Indian Journal of Industrial and Production Engineering & Technology
20 Manufacturing Technology Today
21 Industrial Engineering Journal
22 Indain Journal Of Engg. & Material Science
23 Journal of Manufacturing Engineering
24 Journal of Vaibration Engineering & Technologies
25 Indian Journal of Mechanical Engineering & Research
26 Indian Journal of Material Science and Technology
27 Indian Journal of Mechanics and Thermodynamics
28 India Journal of Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics
29 Indian Journal of Advances in Tribology
30 International Journal of Design Engineering and Technology
31 International Journal of Mechanical Automobile Engineering & Research
32 Indian Journal of Nanotechnology
33 Indian Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
34 Jnl of The Institution of Engineers Series – C (Mech Engg, Prod. Engg., Aerospace Engg. Marine Engg.)
35 An Indian Journal of Wavelet theory and application
36 An Indian Journal of Advances in Wireless and mobile Communication
37 Indian Journal of Electronics Engineering and Communication Engg
38 Indian Journal of Advance Electronic Engineering
39 Indian Journal of Electronics and Microcircuits
40 Indian Journal of Electronic Engineering and Communication Research
41 Indian Journal of Electronics Research and Engineering
42 Indian Journal of Advances in Communication Engineering
43 Indian Journal of Embedded System in Engineering Research
44 Far East Journal of Electronics & Communication
45 The IUP  Journal of Telecommunications
46 I Managers Journal on Electrical Engineering (JEE)
47 IUP Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
48 Indian Journal. of microwave science and technology
49 Indian Journal of Electrical Engineering
50 Indian Journal of Power Engineering Technology
51 Indian Journal of Advances in Electronics and Electrical Engineering
52 Indian Journal of Advances in Power Electronics
53 Indian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Research
54 Indian Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics
55 Indian Journal of Robotics Applications
56 Indian Journal of Electrical & Computer
57 Jnl of The Institution Engineers Series – B (Electrical Engg, Elex, & Tele. Comm. Engg., Computer Engg.)
58 Journal of Metallurgy and Material Science
59 Journal of Biofuels
60 Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability
61 Fire Engineer
62 TERI Information Digest on Energy and Environment
63 Journal of Resources, Energy and Development
64 Journal of Indian Chemical Society
65 Indian journal of biotechnology
66 Chemical Product Finder
67 Jnl of The Institution of Engineers Series – E (Chemical Engg., Textile Engg.)
Engineering Science
68 Current Science
69 Resonance- Jr. of Sc. Edn.
70 Bulletin of Materials Sc.
71 Journal of Astrophysics & Astronomy
72 Journal of Bioscience
73 Journal of Chemical Sciences
74 Journal of Earth System Science
75 Journal of Genetics
76 Pramana- Journal of physics
77 Proceeding (Mathematical Sc.)
78 Sadhana (Engineering Science)
79 Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics
80 Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics
81 Indian Journal of Chemistry Sec- A
82 Indian Journal of Chemistry Sec- B
83 Electronics For You
84 Industrial Product Finder
85 Ieema
86 Purity
87 yojana
88 The World Renewal
89 Vedant Kesari
90 Competition Success Review
91 Regulatery
92 Interdisciplinary
93 Tera Green
94 civil services chronicle English
95 kurukhetra
96 Gram Mangal Shikshan Vedh
97 Udyog Pragati