PG Chemical Projects

ME Project Completed:

Sr. No. Name of Student Title of Dissertation Contact No
1 Ms. Karde Prachee M. Chromium removal from wastewater using biosorption phenomena 9422317703
2 Mr. Patil Vipul S. Study of a multi-component distillation system and wireless data acquisition 8421263110
3 Ms. Suryavanshi Prerna Removal of impurities (oxydianiline) using liquid-liquid extraction 9766795578
4 Mr. Waghmare Kunal Enhancement in Heat Exchanger performance using Nanofluids 7841033886
5 Ms. Alhat Apurva A. Intensification of degradation of

textile dyes using advance oxidation process

6 Mr. Ansari Abdul R. Coal Gasifier Model 9766644279
7 Ms. Chaudhari Priti C. Study of Boiler Characteristics 9730395080
8 Mr. Jagdale Anmol M. Recovery of sodium sulphate (Na2SO4. 10H2O) from textile effluent by selective crystallization 8600032992
9 Mr. Laghe Sachin M. Simulation of biodiesel production from waste vegetable oil using homogeneous and heterogeneous catalyst 9730465163
10 Mr. Laturkar Shashank Design of distillation column internals for fouling service 9763437186
11 Ms. Sonali Singh S. Intensification of extraction of

lignocellulic products from sustainable


12 Ms Sinhmar Pankaj Intensification of heterogeneous catalyzed biodiesel synthesis from waste cooking oil 8055586860
13 Ms. Archana Nagawade Microwave photoreactor for the degradation of toxicant compounds 9970956665
14 Ms. Manisha Biradar Synthesis of rose oxide from Citronellol 9930884192
15 Ms. Sarode Reshma Manufacturing of Glycerol Carbonate 9029897541
16 Ms. Sarita Gomase Hydrogenation reaction in pharmaceutical industries 9689088459
17 Mr. Dasare Sourabh M Design and testing of iso-kinetics sampling probe 9823059171
18 Mr. Rote Ritesh N Sludge reduction techniques in wastewater treatment 9028951501
19 Mr. Sonowane Kiran C Ionic liquid supported conversion of biomass derived platform molecule to transportation fuel 9881734611
20 Ms. Thete Priyanka M Value added products from sustainable mixed feedstock 9423382551
21 Ms. Thorat Prajakta L Material balance and heat balance in sugar industry 9096765288
22 Mr. Thube Yogesh B Second generation bioethanol production 9766479642
23 Ms. Yadav Varsha N Pretreatment of sugarcane leaves for manufacturing of ethanol 8976642256
24 Ms. Astha Priya Intensification treatment of textile effluent using irradiation techniques 8806666828
25 Mr. Bargole Swapnil S Modeling and simulation of underground coal gasification 7588106277
26 Mr. Doltade Sarjerao Mechanistic approach to sono-degradation of toxicant organic pollutants 9423228344
27 Mr. Patil Darigonda Mhadgonda Removal of heavy metal (Zinc) from aqueous solution by using natural adsorbent Bael Fruit shell activated carbon 9657836172
28 Ms. Warke Pratiksha Design of clarifier for the production of sugar 9819070434
29 Ms. Purnekar Sangmitra Design of multiple effect evaporator for spent wash treatement 7507929997
30 Ms. Thakare Darshani Role of calcium oxide and other chemicals in manufacturing of sugar 8600201958
31 Ms. Gandhi Kiran B Intensification of chemical processing using Mechanistic approach of sonochemical reactor 9271212142
32 Ms. Warke Prashant M Treatment of phenolic pollutants using large scale photocatalytic reactor 9823103089
33 Ms. Moholkar Chaitanya Solid-liquid mass transfer in stirred tank reactors:  Data modeling using machine learning 8108675265
34 Ms. Shrirao Shrutika A. Design of crystallizer for manufacturing of sugar 9404279218