Academic Calendar 2016-17

All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society’s

College of Engineering, Pune-01

Academic Calendar 2016-17 (Term I)

Date June July August September October November
1 Display of Defaulter List II

In Sem Exam(TE&BE)

FST Saturday *Diwali Holiday
2 Saturday In Sem Exam(TE&BE)


1. BTM – Site Visit

2. FM II – site Visit

3. expert lecture on Earthquake Engg.


*Gandhi Jayanti

3 Sunday In Sem Exam(TE&BE) Saturday 1. Guest lecture on HEC-RAS software

2. Publication of Departmental News Letter issue 1

4 Saturday Commencement ME II Display of Defaulter List I In Sem Exam(TE&BE) Sunday Theory Examination Commencement
5 Sunday Honorary Secretary’s Address 1. In Sem Exam(TE&BE)

2. SD III – Site Visit I

3. Survey Project I

4. Submission of documents related to Beyond Syllabus

*Ganesh Chutarthi Saturday
6 Display of Time Table, Roll call list, Elective Confirmation, Project List Course File, Lab Manual with validation and Seminar *Ramjan Eid Saturday 1. NSS: Teachers Day Blood Donation Camp

Display of Defaulter List III

2. Expert lecture on advances in waste treatment

1. Term End SE, TE and BE

2. Submission of co attainment on unit 6

7 Online sharing of Attendance Record Result Analysis of SE, TE, BE Sunday Term End


8 3rd PGCON Result Analysis of SE, TE, BE BE Project Evaluation I Students Feedback I Saturday
9 3rd PGCON Saturday Expert lecture on Applications of GPS in surveying 1. Expert lecture on Geotechnical Engg.

2.Environment Engg – Site Visit



10 Sunday Saturday Department Audit of Quality Objectives
11 Shahu Trophy Commencement


Submission of co attainment on unit 1 – Test Sunday *Dussehra
12 Sunday Inter Department Sports Commencement 1. Expert lecture on steel structures

2. Submission of co attainment on unit 3 – Assignment

ET 2016


13 Faculty Orientation Program Saturday ET 2016


Practical/oral/Project Examination Commencement SE, TE and BE Sunday
14 Principal’s Address Guest lecture under ICI chapter Sunday ET 2016


15 Registration & Commencement of SE,TE and BE Ashadi Ekadashi *Independence Day Ananth Chutardashi Submission of co attainment on unit 5 Saturday Practical/oral/Project Examination Commencement ME
16 Saturday Sunday
17 Shahu Trophy End

Display Project Confirmation List

Sunday Saturday
18 Saturday Commencement of ME II Sunday
19 Sunday Expert lecture on Personality Development 1. Submission of co attainment on unit 5

2. Display of Provisional detention list

3. BE Project Evaluation II

4. Students Feedback II

20 Display Project Confirmation List Saturday Display of Elective, Project and Seminar List Sunday
21 Inter Department Sports End


22 Expert lecture on MIS Transportation Engg. – Site Visit Saturday Practical/oral/Project Examination End ME
23 Saturday 1. SD III – Site Visit II

2. Survey Project II

24 Sunday Saturday
25 Saturday 1. Students Feedback I 2. Submission of co attainment on unit 2 – Test Sunday
26 Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Jayanti


1. FM II – site Visit

2. SD I – Site Visit I

27 Saturday Practical/oral/Project Examination End SE, TE and BE Sunday
28 Sunday
29 Guest Lecture on Software analysis Submission of co attainment on unit 4 – Assignment Saturday
30 Saturday Expert lecture on structural design III Expert Lecture on Software Applications Sunday Theory Examination End
31 Sunday 1. SD I – Site Visit II

2. Env Engg II – Site Visit

3. IECT –Site Visit

Theory Examination Commencement


Meetings/Sports Activities
SN Day/Date Activity Timings
1 Monday Staff Presentation 15:00 onwards
2 Tuesday QAC Meeting 15:00 onwards
3 Wednesday ADC Meeting 14:00 onwards
4 Thursday Departmental Meeting 15:00 onwards
5 Friday GFM Meeting with faculty Members 15:00 onwards